Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Driving Lessons Stress 1

Getting a student license is stress no. 1
Did I say stress? I think I meant Step 1 haha. ;) I know I did include driving in my list of goals but now that I'm finally pursuing it, I can say that it must be really stressful from beginning to the moment that my husband and I would be driving at last.

One of the requirements to enrolling in a driving school is securing a student permit. Yesterday, I asked a half day leave from the office so that husband and I could fix things with the LTO at Antipolo, only to find out that it would take the whole day to get our darn student permits. It almost turned out drastic for both of us too. When we were nearing the registration booth, the assisting security guard said they're taking the last 6 persons (they have a daily quota of 50 for applicants of student permit) and guess what? We were the 7th and 8th persons in line! Inwardly, I was panicking but we didn't move. We stayed in line.

Luck, or destiny or providence, call it what you will but 1 of the applicants before us got rejected (lack of documents I think) while the other 1 was in the wrong line so we both got included in the quota. Whew! That was a close call. And to think that we were at the LTO as early as 830.

The series of next events weren't so smooth though. After we were given the registration forms, we had to fall in line again for the checking of documents. The person in charge was so particular about TIN but the husband didn't have any 'cause he never had local work here. He even suggested that he secure one first but that's from another place. I wanted to shout "HELLO! we're securing a permit NOW do you mean we have to go back just for that freaking TIN? Besides, that's the kind of hassle which is unreasonable considering that some applicants before us were allowed to proceed though they do not have TIN either (we later learned this). Seriously, some people could really get crazy about exercising their authority. After a few unpleasant encounters, they finally let husband proceed. I do not know why they gave the husband a hard time when I noticed that they were easy on me (maybe because I'm a girl and he's my husband hehe).

Most of the next procedures were spent on waiting. Sadly, I didn't bring anything to read with me so I was forced to watch "The Baker King's the big return" on TV. It wasn't so bad fortunately although I didn't expect that such a light titled series could start with a very dramatic beginning. We were called at about 30 minutes before lunch for the photo and signature taking. And then we had 1 hour lunch break.

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There were no fastfoods nearby so we stuffed ourselves with "kwek-kwek" (a street food of flour coated quail eggs with orange food coloring) and softdrinks, which I think is the most decent food we can have there. Anyway, I like "kwek-kwek" but it can not give my stomach the heaviness which rice meals can. Such that when we reached home, I found my hands shaking unvoluntarily.

Right after the break, we were watching Pinoy Henyo and I was partly torn from watching this interesting game to listening for our names to be called. But paying and finally, releasing of the permits took another 1 and a half hour after lunch. I almost asked permission to shout with joy!

I do not want to seem so complaining but I noticed that most of the service systems here in our country could be so deffective. In our case yesterday, how do you explain 6 and a half hours transaction period when all we did was, fill out registration forms, have picture and signature taken, pay and then get the permit? There weren't too many people either, cause they have quota. Moreover, it's a rampant case that upon releasing the document, the applicants have to involuntarily buy plastic card cases, envelopes etc. for an unreasonably high price. *sigh* I just think it's so crooked.

Well, the things we have to undertake to get our goals... in this case driving. And that's just stress no. 1!


  1. It sucks you had to experience all that, but take heart. There's always a bright side.

    Also, I'm here to let you know I have nominated you for the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD (I love your blog, is why!) If you’d like to participate I write about it here:


    1. Thank you so much Addie! This is the very first award I received under this blog and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! :)

      Will be learning about the Beautiful Blogger Award so I could participate soon!

      THANKS again Addie!

    2. Here are the rules for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

      1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back
      2. Either give a paragraph of the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or post one picture of something you consider beautiful. Because a picture’s worth a thousand words.
      3. Nominate five blogs
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      5. Copy and paste the award image on your site.

      **Obviously, I didn't follow 2 and 3. For rule 2 I posted a video, which for me is beautiful - watched it yet, instead of a picture.

      But you go ahead. Do whatever you feel like doing. Have fun paying it forward. :)

  2. You haven't even started actual lessons and stress na kagad. Hay! LTO talaga. Nakaka-stress talaga sila. I feel your pain. =(

  3. ahhhh.. kwek kwek! i miss you! :D

  4. One thing I have to admire you for is the patience and opting for the clean and "connectionless" way of getting your license. You know what I mean hahaha


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