Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Day Out With The Kids

Today, we were scheduled to go to Makati where our agency is, for picture taking and of course, to settle our bills ;). We prepared very early, fed the kids with heavy breakfast because it was a long travel. Unfortunately, the husband took his time in the shower so were able to leave house only by 10am. Well, I believe it was his shower time which made us late but he denied so hehe.

There was moderate traffic so the travel was quite quick. Just about when the kids were starting to get uneasy just sitting still, the FX was making its turn to Ayala Avenue.
Daisy sightseeing from the back of the FX
We had the whole space at the back all to ourselves :)
It was a good thing, except that we missed the drop point before PBCom and ended up with an unanticipated walkathon with the kids. What's worst is that Daisy keeps complaining "padod Daisy" (pagod Daisy/I'm tired) and so husband had weights session apart from walkathon haha. An impromptu exercise indeed.
Walkathon with the kids at Ayala Avenue :)
Taking a rest along the sidewalks... Just a few more steps away from the agency. :)
So you could imagine the relief when we reached the agency. Specially the kids who were delighted with the iced teas and candies. Initially, I planned to have the kids give our gifts to ms. Triny (because of her admirable assistance to us. Thanks ms. Triny!) but upon seeing their reaction over a few candies, I dared not trust the toffees and chocolates into their hands haha. So I gave the gift instead. It was the last thing I did, after the paying, picture taking, little chatting and off we went. (Too bad, I remembered to bring the camera but not to request to take a picture from it so I'll post the picture after they send me a copy.)

One of the plans was to take the kids to Glorietta but thinking that it would be a long walk again from the agency to Glorietta and from Glorietta to the bus ride, we got discouraged. Ayala Avenue, Makati is definitely not for commuters hehe. We decided to go to Megamall instead. It was past 1pm so we head over to food court at once. Not only because our stomachs were churning but because our calf muscles and biceps needed to rest too.

Every time we go out, there comes this certain point when I wish I never got this idea of taking them out. Usually, it's after we feed them and they're full. They would nag us to go ahead and walk around again when we were just starting to eat our lunch! I say to my husband they're so unfair, we shouldn't stuff them until we ourselves are full hehe. This idea didn't strike me the first time either.

After eating our lunch hurriedly, we took them to the bookstore and bought them clay just as I had promised Demi. By this time, Daisy was getting real cranky so I declared it was sleep time.

Also, it's this certain point when I start to regret taking them out. It's when they start to get sleepy and cranky but wouldn't sleep. Like a while ago, I was straddling Daisy by my waist but she refuses to let herself sleep. That ton of weight over my feeble structure made me desperate. I sadly looked across me to where Hulk stands in front of the Toy Kingdom store and silently wished "if only for that moment I had his muscles."

When it looked like both girls don't plan to sleep, I said it's time to settle our businesses. The sooner the better so we could get home. On the list was to buy a charger for our Samsung phone but when the cost was P680 (!!?!) I hesitated. I don't know what hit me. Although it was my plan to get another wifi phone so that the kids wouldn't quarrel over their preferred YouTube videos, it wouldn't be until September perhaps when the deferred payments on the sofa and washing machine would finish.

But I asked husband anyway, to check on the Corby II phone I was prying about. It's cheap and the reviews were positive but the PLUS was it has the same charger with our current phone. Hurray! So we ended up getting a phone instead.

I don't know if my genes are going crazy but I felt like I just betrayed my "frugal" personality. Justifying things though, I was able to save P680 too. Besides it's on deferred payment scheme so the agony is a bit light but prolonged. But I have to admit, I'm liking Corby II better than Wave. The screen seems wider, which could be good for reading e-books. And Demi liked watching YouTube better with Corby II. No more fights. :)

So dropping the guilt trip, I think I'll suggest this to little brother (calling Johnfer! CorbyII is really great!) If he agrees (instead of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy which he wants), then I'll buy him one sooner, by December maybe although he'll still have to make his promise of showing me huiperfect quizzes. That could save me a lot! Haha!
Calling little brother! Eto na lang pabili mo saken ;) hehe...

Finally, we were home by 5. I can't really explain the relief. Right during these moments when we reach home very tired, I begin taking back the negative feelings I felt during the most trying times when taking the kids out. Seeing them stripped off except for the diapers/underwear, playing with their new toys or just recalling the things they did that made them happy during the day, I realize that I will always love the idea of taking them out again, stress, muscle pain, depression, exhaustion and all... :)
Demi's clay creations (with help from mommy)
Daisy's colorful octopus (she mixed all her clays together) which life existence is but a matter of minutes


  1. Wow! It's a family date :D At buti ka pa nakapagpalit na ng phone. I'm also planning to purchase a Samsung unit pero truly.. nagulat aketch sa presyo ng charger. Medyo pricey nga sha.

    Anyway, you have a hidden talent sa pag-mold ng clay.. naaala ko tuloy un pangarap natin nila Candy at Lorraine. That could have been a potential for the necklace business.

    1. Hehe, the phone's not really mine. Nagtitiis ako sa defective kong nokia na minsan ay nagbblack out ang LCD haha. I leave both Samsung phones at home so they could watch YouTube. Ganun siguro talaga pag may baby na lahat sa kanila ;)

      CorbyII is just 4k. Sobrang cheap na sya kasi may wifi, saka gusto ko yung size ng screen nya although for videos and pictures lang sya may landscape orientation so hindi rin ako makakapagbasa ng ebooks dun hehe.

      Alam mo ba, until now I'm still planning to pursue craft making. Kung hindi man ngayon siguro when the kids get older. :)

  2. Interesting narration. The kids are tooo cute :)

    1. Thanks Dilip. Grand dad was particulary amused by the sightseeing baby hehe.


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