Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Month Ends

I have to say that July offered the most for me this year… so far. We’re just halfway through 2012 so I really can’t conclude for the rest of the months. It’s just that a lot has happened and I am very thankful for all of them.

First of all, we have a handful of birthday celebrants in July. It’s interesting that since Mom was a July celebrant, the rest of her kids married July celebrants likewise, from my eldest brother down to me. The pressure is on for Olie and John to not break this cycle haha, just kidding. Anyway, greetings are in order:

Happy birthday to:
My husband – 3rd of July

Daisy, who can not be asked to face the camera despite our coaxing, would not take her eyes either off the cake or the lopsided banner :D

Forgive the decoration. I just had to do the most of the 2 hours while the husband was out. It's supposed to be a surprise. That part was a successful one. He expected none of this, the decoration, the cake, the gifts. ;) Told him, he could learn the element of surprise from the master! hahaha!

My mom – 8th of July
We had a small celebration over at mom's house but I don't have the pictures with me now. Anyway, here are the kids wishing their lola a very happy birthday!
Demi prepared this delicacies especially for her lola.

"Ha-boytdey lula!" It sounds very much like that hehehe...
My first sister-in-law – 21st of July
We were invited over by ate Rizza for pancit and biko but because it was raining, we didn't take the kids with and us and stayed over for a really short while. The biko was really delicious. Too bad, we forgot to take pictures hehe. But the kids made you a cake. :) (And remind me, we still have the birthday card with us.)

Demi's cakes :)

Daisy made this cake with utmost care and patience hehehe...

My other sister-in-law – 26th of July

Since she lives a bit farther from us, we weren’t able to celebrate with her. But here’s to you sister-in-law, happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!

One of the most important events in our lives happened this month too: our VISA was granted! It had been a difficult journey, but finally, God answered our wish with a YES. I am forever gratified.

And since July was nutrition month, (I have forgotten this fact ever since I have stepped out of high school, but it’s back!) Demi’s school held a Nutrition Month Program. All the students performed per their level. And for the record, this is another milestone in my momhood so I perceive this as another great event.

And last but definitely not the least, it’s seeing my best friend again, after so many months! There’s nothing like us seeing each other, despite our very hectic schedules, hers being a hundred times busier than mine. Sometimes I’m becoming jealous of her bf, named “Project,” so I’m thinking of a scheme to break them apart haha. Kidding aside, we stuffed ourselves (I’m not delving into the details) over a good chatting and afterwards, she insisted on treating me 2-scoops of ice cream. It was a great night which almost ended drastically. On the way home inside the FX, I thought I was having a heart attack. I felt clammy and sweaty despite the aircon. Luckily, traffic was fast and once I got out for fresh air, the ominous feeling of vomiting faded gradually. After that, I vowed to go on a diet and lose some pounds hehehe.

As the days quickly unfold, my panic is also starting to grow. I always wonder why we're more than halfway across the year and yet the last December holidays seem but a few days ago. Hay. I'll never understand. I'd just take the days one by one as they come, always being thankful for the chance to experience another beautiful episode in this series called life.


  1. Belated happy birthday to your great hubby :) Jenn, parang nahiya yung kwarto ko sa house mo. Kasi from the picture, everything looks so clean and organized. Very reflective of your organized personality.

  2. What a birthday-filled month! My BFF is also a July celebrant and we did see each other and had our bonding moment also

  3. Thanks for the greeting in behalf of my... well, better half hehe.

    Why, Diane, I'm far from being organized and if the house did look clean in the picture (thanks), it's not to my credit but the OC husband hahaha!

  4. Ang galing naman! =)

    We have a friend naman whose bday falls on April, same as with her 3 kids. Yung husband lang ibang month and they didn't plan on it. Coincidence lang tlaag. Hehhe! =)

    1. That's cute. :) I realized that the advantage with same month birthdays is you can have all the celebration in one day. It's thrifty that way hehe.


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