Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fetish for Feline

It's been a long time since I've last felt the soft fur of my favorite animal... Cats! Ever since I was 8 or 7, I was never without a pet cat. Most of them were just stray cats who accidentally came to our house who never left once they felt the loving care from us, well, me in particular. But I had to give them up when I left my parents' house.

Last time we visited over, I almost drooled over watching Olie's cats do their way to seek attention. I was dying to touch them but I can't with my husband looking at me. I'll never hear the end of it because he says those cats were unclean hehe. But one night, I expressed my undying love for the cats and said my future plans to have one. I can see the kids have this passion for pets too. But that's a long time away, probably when the kids are a lot older and has sense of responsibility to help me raise the cat. Right now that my hands are itching to touch them, I told my husband I'd visit over to my sister one of these days all on my own haha. He knew what I was thinking but perhaps he's doubting my seriousness. What he doesn't know is, when I express something in a light manner, it means I already have a plan. The moment opportunity comes, there's no hesitation, I'll grab it hehehe.

Meanwhile, I'll just have to look at them to satisfy my yearning...
I miss those look of narrowed eyes...

Those were my hands cradling the animal... I miss touching the soft fur!
One loveable thing about cats is their naughtiness. This one's trying to get in after mom takes them outside the house hehe. Lucky for him, it's me or my sister who saw him hehe.
This is Harry. Not Potter though, but Houdini because he had this great ability at escaping when he was just a kitten.
These cats have the liberty to relax in the bedroom of my parents' house. How lucky can they get? :)
The preggy cat had just added up 3 to my sister's new pets. I'm so jealous...
Photos courtesy of dear little sister who loves cats just as much as I do... :)


  1. Hi Jenn! I'm your complete opposite. Not that I hate cats and any other pet. It's just that I don't have the heart, patience and perseverance to take care of pets. Though when I was younger we used to adopt stray cats too.

    Anyway, though I'm not a fan of pets, I would agree that it's good for kids to grow up with pets. It can develop their sense of responsibility too.

  2. Your cats are amazing Jenn :) I don't have any pets but we are thinking of adopting a dog this summer.


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