Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Freebies!

Two Fridays ago, my husband asked me to buy a larger size diaper for Daisy after office. Now this is not a much welcomed task mostly because Friday afternoons officially start the weekend and I can't wait to get home and rest. Rest from the cold airconditioning system that is. Other than that, well... can't really say rest but at least I get to be with my kids and husband. Anyway, lucky for me, I got a free ride with kuya Dick up to Ever Ortigas. Initially, I planned to buy at Robinson's Big R at Junction where they still pack your groceries with plastic. But I was at Ever and besides, it's just diaper so I bought there instead.

Another luck for me, Drypers was holding a promotion that day. The pack I bought, which was 32 pieces XXL (yes, that's Daisy's size and she's just 2 and a half years old) diapers plus free 3 pieces, had an equivalent of 3 freebies of my choice: a certain brand of sanitary napkin I forgot, because I wasn't interested hehe, a tote bag, toddler T-shirts and collared shirts for adults. Since I forgot to bring my Ever grocery bag, I chose one tote bag, and then the other two, I chose a matching shirt for Demi and Daisy. The promo girl, who was so excited for me because I told her that Drypers was the sole thing I was buying, gave me 2 more diaper pads for free. I went home very happy myself. :)

Yesterday again, before officially enjoying the Friday afternoon, my husband asked me to buy, this time, a 900-gms can of milk each for Demi and Daisy at Rob Big R. Since they use plastics for groceries, I decided to buy a few more items that we need at home. On the way out, a rep girl from World Vision came up to me and offered a tote bag for just P10 and P1,000 worth of receipt. She says it was for charity causes and my purchases were above the amount anyway. So I got another tote bag for only P10!

I've been noticing that Fridays give freebies for me haha. Of course that's just coincidental, but somehow, it makes me wanna look forward to next Friday and be more willing to do some grocery errands after work. :)


  1. Lucky you! I believe God wanted to reward you too for being the hardworking mom and the very supportive and obedient wife.

    1. Hahaha, you really placed me on a pedestal there huh? But thanks for sweet and honest comment. I guess I'm such a stingy person hehe. Plus freebies are like gifts.

      In my next post though, you'd see that one can't always have it all... :) and I'm still sighing even as I'm writing this down.


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