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July 2021 Happy Mail!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It's almost the end of the month and I'm excited to announce our 4 happy mail recipients for July 2021!

  • Sis Cherielynne Rae
  • Sis Nilda 
  • Sis Cecil
  • Rosemarie

And because it's the end of financial year here in Australia, I'm also giving them some gifts - some of my favourite Atomy products - for being my beloved repeat and loyal customers/members. 😍 

Thanks to my lovely friends for your support 😊

It's still winter here and while our snow trip had been cancelled due to lockdown, I make myself occupied with reading books/listening to audiobooks, crafting, and some wellness activities like exercising and skin care. I will be sharing some of the books and audiobooks I have finished soon as well as the minimalist skin care I have established for myself. 😌

Meanwhile, here are some my card creations for this month - additions to my #hugsinacard mission!

Stampin' Up! From Our House To Yours simple handmade card
Inspired by my last winter mail art

If these cards look familiar to you, that's because they are hehehe. I created them based on my last winter mail art which was an idea given to me by my dear mom-friend, Eli. Thanks momshie!

These cards were made using only stamps, and this one in particular was from Stampin' Up!'s stamp set called From Our House To Yours.

Using Wink of Stella Clear Glitter brush, I added glitters to the house roofs, hearts and snowflakes and this is how they look up close:

Stampin' Up! From Our House To Yours simple handmade card

Stampin' Up! From Our House To Yours simple handmade card

Because they were easier to make, I made 7 cards in one go hehehe. I used a stamping tool for the houses, made the job a whole lot quicker.

The next card I'm going to show you is a little bit more tedious to make. This one is already reserved for a certain friend who is also a June baby and we previously worked in the same team. We haven't seen each other for more than a year since covid but we are just as close as sisters. 💗

MFT you are mermazing shaker card
A mermaid shaker card!

I tried to steer away from winter this time hahaha! It's a shaker card and I used a combination of pinks, greens, purples (and orange for the hair and fishes) for a more colourful effect.

And here is a video of the card in actual 😀

And that's all from me... hope everyone is keeping safe wherever you are! 💗 See you in my next posts.

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Winter Mail Art

Monday, June 21, 2021

It has been a really busy month (sorry if it seems like every month is busy 😂). But finally, here is my mail art for the month of June 2021. I will be posting these 3 handmade cards this week. 💗

The mail art was created using From Our House To Yours stamp set from Stampin' Up! And balmy blue ink on the edges.

The names and addresses werw handwritten with a brush pen 🥰

Mail art Stampin' Up! From our house to yours
#hugsinacard for June 2021

The theme is winter because June is officially the start of winter season here down under. And the three recipients of free handmade cards this month are:

Mylene Pecjo

Winter snow mail art handmade card

Tricia Angelique Roldan

Winter snow mail art handmade card

Ronna Joy Morallos

Winter snow mail art handmade card

Thank you all for being part of my hugs in a card project! 💗

Do you want to receive a free happy mail too? Simply fill out this form and be part of my #hugsinacard mission. 🥰

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Winter Interactive Cards - Sliding and Floating Stamped Images

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

It's good to finally have the time to make this post - introducing, my interactive winter-themed cards for this year! I got these cute stamp set after winter last year and I had to wait almost a whole year to finally use them. 

This year, the cold came really early. In fact, we hardly complained about the heat during summer either. It's a comparatively colder year in 2021. As early as the last weeks of May, I was already brainstorming and voila!

Winter interactive card ideas
Foxy on his sled on a couple of cards (using slider technique) and Twinnie Penguins bobbing on another card (using floating image technique by Jennifer McGuire).

The stamp set features a fox on a sled, a penguin with scarf and some really nice sentiments. They make cold look cute.

But unlike Elsa though, I don't like the cold, it bothers me a lot hahaha. Still, I find winter to be a beautiful season with it's glistening snow and tinkling icicles. I wish I was more like cute Foxy and Penguin so I could enjoy the snow too!

Fox in sled interactive winter themed card
Foxy slides through the snow when you move the card!

I looked at my stash to see how I can make these cards. You see, I try to limit my craft supplies spending now. Whenever I have a project in mind, I make sure that I can do it with what I have on hand.

Creating a snowy background cardmaking

Fortunately, I have 3 shades of blue inks and my ever handy brush makeup applicator to create the background. Then, using white poster paint ($2 from Kmart) and a fine point paint brush, I added the snowfall effect. Just looking at the background already makes me shiver in cold! ⛄

Snowy background cardmaking

I can't not use cute Penguin either. With one of its feet in the air, it looks like it's dancing so why not make 2 cute dancing Penguins on the snow? 

To make them "dance," I used the floating image technique by Jennifer McGuire

Here they are, dancing with their Happy Feet!

Cardmaking dancing penguins
Shake the card to make the Penguins dance 😄

Dancing Penguins winter cards
Close up of the bobbing Penguins

Close up of Foxy on sled

Winter has just started and God willing, I will come up with more winter-themed cards to make while the snowy season lasts. 😄Happy winter!


June 2021 #hugsinacard recipients are:

  • Tricia Angelique Roldan
  • Mylene Pecjo
  • Ronna Joy Morallos
Comment down below if this is you 🥰💗

Do you need some encouraging words? Do you think you can do with some kind thoughts today? Or do you just want to receive a free happy mail?

I send out my handmade cards to random people for free. If you're up for a free card, feel free to register here.

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Weekend Crafting - Interactive Cards with Secret Messages

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well! It's already halfway through the month. I realised that I haven't been blogging much lately. 

Not to worry, all is well. Just busy with work and family life as usual. So much going on behind the scenes but I hope that wherever you are right now, you're also doing well. ☺

Anyway, just sharing a couple of cards I made over the weekend: interactive cards using Stampin' Up!'s Build A Bike stamp and die set. 

Both cards have secret messages on them. The first one I made was the bottom card which was a pull tab card. 

I used pink and green colours and this particular message because I want to send sunshine and warmth just before it gets really cold this upcoming winter.

The card has a pull tab on the right which reveals a hidden message once you pull it.

The next card is my first slim line card. I decided to try this size so the bike has more room to move. Also, I used autumn theme for this one. Probably the last autumn themed card before this season ends officially.

When you slide the bike to the right, a message is revealed.

I also used Wink of Stella clear brush to make the leaves glisten. It's simply beautiful, isn't it? I just love autumn.

Until my next post! Have a lovely day everyone. 🍁🍂🚲

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Floral Cards in Various Colours

Friday, May 7, 2021

Just sharing some quick cardmaking projects in between work and planning Darla's birthday party

Which one is your favourite colour? :) 

Sky is the limit in choosing which colours to use 💙💚💛💜💗 

Coral pink

Pale yellow

Mint green

Orange - I didn't expect this to turn out nice but I like it as much as the rest 😀


If you're keen to mark and try this project, you can read about it here. The Hugs In A Card blog is solely for my cardmaking and you can follow it to be in the loop about tutorials and latest projects.

That's it for now! Next week, God willing, I will be posting the recipients of this month's #hugsinacard! Stay tuned for more happy mails. 😍

PS: Register your interest to be one of my happy mail recipients by filling out the form below:

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Free Hugs In A Card April 2021

Monday, April 19, 2021

Finally, the highlight of the month! Happy mails for April would just be right on time. I will be sending these paper hugs on Thursday, God willing. 💗

April 2021 hugs in a card for sending 

If you'd also like to get a chance to receive a handmade card, just fill in this form or click on this image on the right-hand sidebar. Hugs in a card is open for everyone 🥰

Such a hectic, hectic month April is! One minute it was just starting and the next it's past the middle of the month!

Nice day at the beach

I guess it went really fast because there were so much that went on from the beginning to now: celebrating the 2021 1st quarter Special Thanksgiving, going out with friends here and there to make use of our dine vouchers and to squeeze in beach hopping before it gets really cold, but mostly going out with the kids while it's school holidays.

School holiday family bonding 

In between those events, there was illness too starting from Daisy and then Darla. Been fighting off getting sick myself so I've been taking lots of HemoHIM and supplements. But everytime Darla gets sick (even for just a little bit), she'd be cluster feeding like an infant but 10x stronger. Alas! I think my body is about to give in... please no!

Anyway, I will share more about our escapades on my next post. Fingers crossed I could find ample time to write them down... 😁

Kiama adventure with friends

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Did you get picked? March #hugsinacard

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Hello hello! It's that time of the month again.

I have finally picked our random winners for this month. Watch the random picking below. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

And my thanks go to all of you who share your time reading my blog. Love you all! 💗

I will continue posting contents (that are hopefully helpful, inspiring or valuable) and sharing more hugs in a card, God willing. Until next month.

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March Cards - Simple Floral and Autumn Themed Cards

Monday, March 15, 2021

Autumn is officially here! I'm excited to finally share with you these cards I will be sending away for this month.

So for my March cards, I decided to create 2 autumn themed cards. Hello Bluebird has this really cute stamp set I've been wanting to use. It's called "Fall Friends," and the cute gazelle, fox and bunny give out the most cozy feel of autumn with their cardigans and flying scarves

I used the same design template for both except that the one on the left has a window on the front so that the sentiment you can see at the front is actually the inside of the card. I just used the die cut piece and colored it with autumn shades then added some embellishments to add the glistening effect.

Gazelle was kind of covering part of the sentiment at the front but that's okay. You can flip the card open and read the greetings without obstructions. That was the idea of the window card hehehe.

Inside, you can write a small message under the sentiment that shows through the window.

For the other card, I created a shaker. Sad to say, I couldn't use the gazelle with this one because she was too tall and would cover the sentiment. So it's a little bit bare compared to the other one. But that's okay, because simple is beautiful too. 😊

And here are the cards, side by side. Which one's your favourite? 💓

I will share the process how I made these two in a later post. 

I'm also excited to share the other 3 cards I made. As mentioned in my previous Hugs in a Card post, I really wanted to recreate the floral card. 

I already started painting 3 embossed cardstocks when I realised that I've ran out of the coral pink card base. 

There's no time to run to Spotlight to buy now so I'll just reserve them for April give away may be. It's not the same using a different coloured card base so I decided to postpone them instead.

For now, I've created these simple pastel coloured cards to make some people happy. 😀

If you want to join the mailing list to receive free cards, sign up here and like my FaceBook page for updates. 💗

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Happy Mail for February 2021 💗

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Ready to send out these hugs in a card! For the month of February, the 3 lucky winners we have randomly picked were:

  • Ms. Teresita
  • Ms. Milaluna and
  • Ms. LJ
Happy mail recipients randomly picked 💗

Congratulations and I hope you will find joy upon receiving these small gifts as much as I had fun making them. As you can see, I'm also learning calligraphy using brush pens so I don't have to print out my mailing addresses. It needs a lot of improvement but I'm loving it! 😁

February recipients will get coffee themed cards and matching shaker bookmarks 

An additional 3 recipients were also selected for special reasons: the first was a survivor of a recent brain surgery, the second was suffering from postpartum depression and the third one was for her friendliness and humility. I hope that this small gesture will at least lessen their pain.

I have also made these 2 cards (one was requested by a friend) to be sent out for a friend who is currently battling Hodgkin's lymphoma hoping that in a small way, we could show our concern and care.

Now I need to think about my next month's card design. I really like how the flower card on the left turned out and I find it therapeutic to watercolour so I might use this design. Let's hope and see as there's still a few days left before February ends.

Until my next update lovely readers! Thank you so much for the inspiration. 💜

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Hello February 2021!

Monday, February 1, 2021

1 Feb 2021, Monday. A new week, a new month. Well, wasn't that quick! January has come and gone and we're onto the 2nd month of 2021. I hope January had been a good month for you. It sure was for me, thanks be to God, and the last day was exceptionally memorable as I get to see friends coincidentally. 

January Had Been A Rewarding Month

Unplanned meeting with friends made this month extra special

The new school year has just started here so we had a quick trip to the shops yesterday to buy school supplies. Surprise surprise, we saw sis Cookie and her 2 darling daughters at the mall. We haven't talked for almost a year and it was nice to hear good news about her and her family. All these while our kids were running around the play area hehehe.

Darla with her friends 🥰

After we said goodbyes, I bumped into Arah next. I have known her and been taking to her online for about a year now but yesterday was the first time I saw her in person. She was with her husband and cute little girl. It was nice to finally meet this lovely family and hear that they are doing great!

In terms of accomplishments, January had been above average if I would rate it. I often complained about not having "me" time in the past because of my very clingy baby but lately, I find myself being able to watch a movie, reading a book, crafting, cooking... all those things that were set aside because of work and mommy duties.

List of movies I was able to watch

Some of the movies and series (yes, series haha) I was able to watch the past month - including December I guess - were:

  1. The Queen's Gambit (Netflix mini-series)
  2. Bridgerton (Netflix series)
  3. Mulan 2020 
  4. Over The Moon (Netflix)
  5. The King (Netflix)
  6. Pieces of a Woman (Netflix)

Netflix is my only source of movies so all of them, except for Mulan were from the same platform. Maybe one of these days, I will write an article reflection for each movie because they all turned out enjoyable in their own way. 

I don't have much of free time still but one thing I learned was that when opportunity presents itself, stop flicking through the endless titles (which could easily eat up half an hour seriously) and just click the one that's in front of me.

My Reading List

As for books, I have only ever finished Scott Pape's "The Barefoot Investor." I chose this as a gift for myself for surviving the year (hehehe just an excuse to splurge every now and then) and it was a very lucky pick. The book was a very easy read with lots (LOTS!) of valuable nuggets. I plan to read its sequel, "The Barefoot Investor for Families," but only after I read the original a second time.

Reading the book was what lead me to our weekly date nights. At first, I just wanted to discuss about the family's finance management (which I will share in a latter post). The book tells about what you discuss each date night but the first one was critical and because my dear husband received it quite well, the other date nights were more about spending quality time.

My mission: sending hugs in a card

Finally, I was able to finish just in time the cards that I plan to send out for the month of February.

Coffee themed card with matching bookmarks 💖

Coffee and books - a perfect pair to remind friends to take some break from the busy world.

I started my card-making hobby last year but didn't start sending until early in 2020. I was scared in the beginning that people might regard my action as intrusive. I started with a few online acquaintances and when they received my card, they came back to me with sweet messages of thanks and how the card made their day, or made them feel special. 

Most times, the cards came when they were tired or sad. And I felt an absolute joy upon reading their messages, on days when I was down too.

We do not know what someone is dealing with in their life right now and sometimes, just a simple caring message can make a lot of difference. That is the mission I would like to carry on with my card-making hobby.

And that concludes my first month in 2021. What about you? How did January go for you? 😀

Sending Hugs In A Card

PS: Would you like to receive a card?

Please fill out this form to express your interest to be included in my blog subscribers list as card recipients. I want to extend the joy of sending hugs in a card beyond friends and family. 💗

Despite being busy, I always squeeze in making cards to send out. However, I can only cope with around 5 people each month so please bear with me. If you get picked randomly, I will contact you by email to arrange sending details. 😊 Thank you!

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DIY Easel Card Plus Desk Calendar In One Tutorial

Friday, January 22, 2021

In an earlier post, I showed the final cards I made and posted to friends in time for the coming of the 2021 year.

I call them easel cards with calendar tabs. They are regular handmade cards you can send to friends, at the same time, they also serve as desk calendars. 

These are some of the cards I sent out to friends

I'll be sharing how to make these cards. It's really very easy, I don't normally create complex cards because I consider myself a beginner at cardmaking 😁

  • Card base (white)
  • Card stock (blue and red)
  • Calendar tabs - I bought them from Scrap Dragon
  • Glitter cardstock (white) - 1.5cm height x 15cm length
  • Stamps of your choice for the images (I used O Christmas Tree and Cocoa Party Stamp both from Hello Bluebird)
  • Colouring materials (to colour your stamped images)
  • Ribbons (about half an inch thick)
  • White cardstock - for the sentiment inside
  • Gold cardstock - to outline the sentiment tab
  • Stamps of your choice for the sentiments
  • Chalkboard pens - you can buy them from Dollar Stores - I got mine for $2 only (for 3 pens)
  • Adhesives - double sided tape or glue
  • Foam adhesives
  • Blings, sequins, glitters etc.
The procedure is very simple... to assemble the front of the card, follow these steps:
  1. First, fold the front of your white card base about 4cm from the bottom. Set aside.
  2. Cut your blue or red cardstock the same size as the front of your card base.
  3. Decorate the blue or red cardstock with falling snow background using the chalkboard pens.
  4. Using adhesives, stick the glitter cardstock at the bottom of your blue or red cardstock. You can cut the glitter cardstock to your liking - as long as it looks like a snow covered ground.
  5. Then stick on the calendar tab to your desired position.
  6. Stamp some images and colour them.
  7. Stick on the images to the front of the coloured cardstock.
  8. Then decorate the background with glitters and blings (to add some sparkles!)
  9. Finally, you can stick on your coloured cardstock to your card base - just make sure that you don't put adhesive at the top part. Only at the bottom part where the fold is, otherwise the easel effect won't work.
Then, to create the sentiment inside the card follow these steps: 

The card turns into a desk calendar when the front flap is folded and wedged onto the sentiment tab 😊
  1. Glue the ribbon about 1.5cm from the bottom of the inside panel of the cardbase.
  2. Then using a white cardstock, punch out a small frame. I used the Timeless Label Punch from Stampin' Up!
  3. Stamp your sentiment onto the tab. Decorate it as you want. 😍
  4. For added embellishment, I used a gold cardstock to line my sentiment tab.
  5. Finally, using foam adhesives, place the sentiment tab on top of the ribbon. Just centre it.
Voila! A handmade card plus a desk calendar in one! Now you can give your friends and colleagues a card they can use all year round.

These are the cards I made for my daughters Demi and Daisy. They have these on their desks and every time they need an encouragement, they can always open the card and read the messages Dad and Mom wrote them. 😍

For Daisy.

For Demi

Happy crafting!

PS: Here's also a video of the tutorial.

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