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Surprise for my parents' 44th wedding anniversary

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I don't want to let this month pass without writing about this. Because of all the things that happened to me in June, the good, the bad and those in between, this event is what I am most thankful for: my parents' 44th wedding anniversary.

First, of course, I am thankful to God. Second, I am thankful to my parents. Not all the days leading up this anniversary have been spent purely on love, not everyday was blissful and beautiful. Nevertheless, I am grateful for each and every one of those days, because I know that my parents did their best to stay together for us.

Their wedding anniversary was an ill-prepared surprise party which was entirely my fault. I thought of the plan a little too late, lucky it had been salvaged by my siblings who were with my parents. Despite the utter simplicity of it all, it made our parents happy and seeing the smile on their faces was more than enough reward for me.

I feel emotional about this because I know my parents currently live a diffucult life. We always say that as people grow older, they become grumpier. I am guilty of this generalizing as I brushed off my parents annoyance with each other as part of becoming "old."

But it's more than just age. It's all part of married life. What I have learned from my own marriage is that it's hard. Sure, there is love, the foundation of the union between husband and wife. But love is more than the butterflies in your stomach. It's more than staring into each other's eyes.

The moment you have children marks the beginning of having less attention for each other. There'd be hardly any time for cuddling while talking about sweet nothings.

Instead, you discuss about what is good for the kids, which school they should go to, whether they have enough toys, are they happy, are they okay... everything will become mostly about the kids.

Then there are arguments arising from the most trivial things such as the kids being over or under dressed for an occasion, a disorganised desk, a missed laundry pile... spouses can easily become the sponge absorbing each other's exhaustion and frustrations.

The love required in a marriage is truly and most selflessly beautiful. From the time you loved the other person, you have made yourself vulnerable. You take on a role, whether as a provider, as a carer or both and for years you will be seen only in that role. And my parents had taken on their roles perfectly, in my opinion.

All those years, I saw my parents as the good provider and the selfless carer. It was hard to imagine that they were someone else too before becoming our parents, you know as lovers. Maybe, I realised, even my parents have forgotten who they were as individuals.

That night we surprised my parents on their anniversary, I repeatedly watched and looked at their videos and photos. Mom, being her sassy self pretended to be nonchalant but her face was beaming with happiness while Dad, the ever patient person, grabbed the opportunity to make Mom feel young and cared for again. 

It was a beautiful sight, my Dad's arm around Mom, smiles on their faces. It must have been a relief for everyone to see them in this mood too, instead of the constant indifference lately (sometimes even anxious and frustrated). As I have said, their 44 years together weren't all beautiful days.

I happily told my husband that if Mom gets more of these surprises, she'd probably be less cranky. My husband replied, that's because Mom has always been the one taking care of everybody. And he is right. 

Now, I realised that while age can make you resentful, so does the burden that comes inevitably in married life. Perhaps, it's about time that I help my parents let go of their roles and start attending to themselves again. Perhaps, I should make them feel cared for more often.

My parents have been wonderful as Mom and Dad, all those years and I feel bad because I haven't really shown how much I love and care for them too.

It's about time that I help them rediscover who they were before us, and that is as lovers, and as themselves. Because there is nothing I would want more for their anniversary - and for all the days thereafter - than to see them live happily. Ever after.

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What I Got For Xmas

Thursday, December 29, 2011

First of all, I don’t really feel comfortable saying Christmas to refer to the holidays because of my conviction that the celebration did not really originate from the birth of Jesus Christ as in my earlier belief. Nevertheless, I do not intend to argue about this conviction with non-believers either. I just felt it shorter and finer to use “xmas” in the title so pardon my usage of the acronym. Finally, I am neither against “xmas” as I have previously mentioned and constantly explained to other people. In fact, I regard the whole month of December as festive due to the celebration because I, myself, have always been a beneficiary to the benevolent nature that everyone acquires during this season, from gifts, to 13th month and bonuses and of course, vacation! End of intro.

For this year’s holidays, I’ve got a handful of gifts from friends, co-workers and families. Various gifts that were equally delightful to me, consumable, useful or decorative they may be.

But the best gift I received was of bias choice of course (please forgive my impartiality). But the best gift I received in my opinion were from my husband and kids. These were Lock & Lock lunch boxes, which were larger than the one I currently own, with chocolate treats inside that made the gift sweeter and Sophie Kinsella’s the Twenties Girl!

The first one, Nilo knew what I needed. He had always been feeding me more than I can normally consume to fatten me up hehe. While the second one, Nilo knew what I wanted. He knows I love to read but he’s clueless of which book. Since I’ve been reading good reviews about this one, I made it a point to give emphasis to it, and though I hinted what I wanted to receive, I was honestly surprised when he’d actually made it real hehe.

Until my next year’s blog then, most probably a review about the Twenties Girl. ;)
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A Bright Holiday

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For people like me, whose joys in life depend on very petty things, such as bright lights, free tours and free entrance (hehe), the Meralco Park is definitely a nice place to try. Despite just recovering from a 2-day upset stomach, I mustered up all strength and discipline and mind power to heal myself and be able to take the family to this enchanting bright place last night. I heard their keeping the place up to the last day of this year only, so for all those who'd want to see it, better hurry. :)

It was worth it! The moment we entered the Meralco center gate, lights of various colors already covered the ceiling of the pathway. The kids were really amazed it was so fun to watch them. Various huge icons of houses, people, robots, etc, made of bronze or copper wires, I think, were positioned about the grounds for picture taking. Well, that’s mostly the fun you could get from the attraction really, to take pictures and memories.

Not to mention the experience to ride the electronic jeep too, which was what we did next. We lined up and waited patiently for our turns except for Daisy who can’t keep still at one place just like her daddy.

[caption id="attachment_637" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Riding the electronic jeep"][/caption]

And though the park was quite small, we spent hours and enjoyed every minute of it. That’s because the kids kept running to and fro every ornamental houses lined by xmas lights.

As if our energies were unlimited, we planned to head next to Greenhills to check out their lights attraction too. However, the clouds warned of rain so we all headed home instead. Sure enough, it started to drizzle when we reached home. We were all exhausted after all, nevertheless, happy.

Thank God for a wonderful and bright holiday. :)
[caption id="attachment_658" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Meralco: "Maliwanag ang Pasko""][/caption]
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