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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

They say no winter lasts forever and today just marks that. Spring time again here down under! Not that I hated winter. To be honest, I really enjoyed this year's winter season, lock down and all. 

We were supposed to go to a snow trip in July with family friends but that's got cancelled because the COVID cases increased again from the end of June. Today, we have about 1000 plus cases in a day. 

The lock down brought changes in the community and has affected business and individuals alike. Our job has changed too. I am not doing compliance at the moment and I find our current work tasks to be overwhelming for my introvert self. 

Yes, I am an introvert to a fault. There are times (extreme times) when I want ZERO human interaction. Not even from my family. But don't worry, I'm not a loner as I may sound to be. Just an hour or so to be alone and in touch with myself is all I need to recharge. 

I don't know why but over the years I figured out that ALONE time is a necessity for me and lately, because of too much interaction at work, I find myself needing this ALONE time much more that I usually do.

So yes, winter had been very challenging but I'm not lying when I said I enjoyed this year's season. Firstly, our new house gets a lot of sun and it keeps my working area very warm in the day. Really thankful to have moved to this house. Winter used to be a torture for my tropical self but it's much more than bearable now.

Next, I was able to make lots of winter cards and that's what I wanted to share in my post here today. It's a day late, I know, but August had been very busy at work. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on that. I don't want to seem ungrateful for having a job amidst this crisis. But sometimes, you just have to address the stress factors too. No to toxic positivity!

Anyway, if you want to see my previous winter cards, you can view the June ones and July ones by clicking on the link. Here are the ones I have subsequently made:

Winter themed handmade card cozy wishes from our house to yours

This unbranded stamp set has some really great sentiments but I used a different one for a homey and cozy feeling, which is what I would want the recipient to get when she sees this (whoever she might be 😉).

Hello Bluebird Cocoa Party Stamp Set & Birch Tree Die Cuts
Feat Hello Bluebird Cocoa Party Stamp Set and Birch Tree Die Cuts

Hello Bluebird O Christmas Tree Stamp Set and Birch Tree Die Cut
Feat Hello Bluebird O Christmas Tree Stamp Set and Birch Tree Die Cuts

Then I decided to put the Birch Tree Die Cuts to use by creating these cards with a simple layout - just a midnight blue cardstock with snow falling in the background. I used a chalk pen for the snow fall and a white glitter foam sheet for the snowy ground. 

I wanted these cards' theme to be cherishing friendships and life's simple moments. Because really, in the middle of all the crises that's happening all over the world, family, friends and the everyday moments we have with them are the most valuable things we can hold on to for now.

Next, I decided to pull out my window die cut again and coupled it with Stampin' Up!'s Pine Wood Plank Embossing folder to create this luminary tea light cards. 

Luminary LED tea light cards - cozy windows
The cards open into a box structure and when you put the LED tealight inside, the houses glow as if from the fireplace inside 😍 I really love how cozy they look especially when you use them in the dark.

Luminary LED tea light cards - cozy windows with charms

The cards fold into a card that fits perfectly into a C6 envelope, so it's not a hassle sending them to friends. Only trouble is, they'll have to use their own LED tealight candles which are very cheap and can be bought anywhere from Kmart to Asian stores, etc.

Luminary LED tea light cards - cozy windows with charms

Finally, I am also sharing my daughter's creation. I'm really proud that she gave cardmaking a go out of the blue and came up with this original idea.

A winter-themed shaker card with cozy wishes from our house to yours! And because a photo won't do it justice, I am uploading a video of the card below.

And there you have it, all of our winter themed cards for this year's season. I hope you enjoyed all of them and if you wish to be part of my happy mail recipients, you know the drill. If you're new to this blog, please read about my Hugs in a Card mission.

August 2021 Happy Mail for Hugs in a Card project
August 2021 Happy Mail for Hugs in a Card project

Wishing you all a happy spring here from down under or happy autumn if you're in the west or just a happy any-season wherever you are in the world 💗

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