2020 Year End Review

Thursday, December 31, 2020

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It's the last day of the calendar year 2020 and looking back, it feels like forever but also very fast at the same time. I can't explain what I meant haha but maybe because a lot of things have happened despite the quarantine and the lock down. Internally, I feel like I have changed so much from the beginning of this year.

To begin with, I started off venturing entrepreneurship. At first it was just a personal development thing wherein I thought I should wise up financially after being hard hit by enormous debts. Like a child with a new toy, I was obsessed in the beginning. Gradually though, I realised that I wasn't after entrepreneurship per se, but finance management as a whole. Why and how is a different story altogether but I am laying low with business ventures and focusing more on family and employment. Being financially wise is a long journey and I shall keep learning as 2021 comes.

2021 reading list includes this new book 💗

If I have to assess this year, I would say it had been extra difficult - not just because of the outside circumstances like bush fires and COVID - but in terms of relationships, I had to learn lessons the hard way. Sometimes, you need to distance yourself with unhealthy relationships, even if they are family, before they end up becoming toxic. In time, everyone learns about the value of respect with one another. I know I have and to be honest, the pain is still there but I am ready to make amends if need be.

However, the saddest of all that happened this year was losing a loved one. Our beloved tito Rudy was finally called by God. Indeed, it was with a heavy heart that we accepted his fate. For me, it was hard to let go of the plans I had. As the holidays were approaching, I thought about sending him and Tita Angie some parcels as gifts. They have helped us significantly when we migrated in Australia and it was the least we could do to repay their kindness. But God has a different plan. Late in November, we travelled back to Morwell after 5 years to be with our relatives.

A place where we have so much bitter-sweet memories of...

My Dad was extremely unhappy too. Tito Rudy was a well loved and respected older brother. However, I'm quite thankful that they were able to spend quality time with each other in the last couple of years. And now, Tito Rudy is resting in peace.

But 2020 isn't all about the sadness and trials. There were birthdays to celebrate of course, of Darla turning 2, Daisy turning 11 and Demi turning 13 (officially a teenager now!). Never mind mine and hubby's ages hehehe. But we thank God for giving us another year again. It is also a year of celebrating the loved ones that we still have with us. Each and everyone of them - family and friends.

Then there was also the dramatic CPA examinations, which I passed thanks be to God. It was dramatic because I invested not only time for this examinations. Tears and sanity too. I just realised how hard it was to go back to study sleep deprived. Ever since Darla was born, the hardest for me was to commit to schedules. She still wakes up every nth hour at night. True enough, on the day of the exams, Darla decided to wake up at 2am - and wanted me to be with her. So I took the exams with a splitting headache and crushed spirit. It's a miracle I passed - that's worth celebrating!

But the best feat I thank God for was finally moving to our new home sweet home. I think we really need this space after 6 years at the old house. It was such a breath of fresh air for me. We didn't buy our dream house yet but since we have had Darla, the new blessing in the family, we needed more space - I, especially.

Now I am able to pursue my hobby all the more - here on my crafting desk where the magic of cardmaking and sending paper hugs take place!

At the end of it all, I am just thankful that my loved ones were kept safe and well, for the good and the bad things that shaped me for who I am today, and for having true and good people in my life right now.

Wishing everyone a year full of happiness and peace!

#happymess 😆

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