Mom's Day Out Turns Into A Guilt Trip

Saturday, August 29, 2020

After 5 months of working full time from home, today was the first time I got out of the house to go to the office again. My laptop was having issues connecting to the monitor so I had to take it to our IT for bios update.

In the morning I was finding it hard to get up and get dressed but once this routine was over, it actually felt good to dress up again. I'm so glad my work clothes still fit hahaha.

Leaving the house wasn't too bad. Darla cried but only for a little bit. I felt free being just ME minus the little toddler.

Commuting with my high school daughter never seemed more fun.  The funny thing was, I used to always guide my daughter where to go. This morning, she was the one leading us. I was very impressed!

Another funny story was when I arrived at the building, I forgot what floor we used to be in so I got off at 26th. I only realised that I made a mistake when after more than a minute, nothing still seemed familiar. Not that I didn't get confused when I got off at 27. I stood at the foyer for about a minute before I finally figured out which way to turn. To make sure I was on the right floor, I went to try my locker. Surprisingly, I remembered this one without problem hahaha. 
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