The Painful 17th Year

Monday, February 18, 2019

It's a bit late but here it goes, the memoirs of the 17th year. Just as I expected, when things go smoothly and easy, it is wise not to linger in the moment but be prepared for something unpleasant. I am a pessimist by nature but it is also logical. Change is inevitable. It can not always be peace, calm, happiness and all things nice.

Something drastic left a big wound that for a long time would not fully healed. Doubt and hate, both inside and outside me, I have seen the ugliness. For a long time I would wonder what lies behind a person's smile... for the heart truly can be deceitful.

But thank God, it's over now. I realised that no one is perfect. We are not made of absolute black or white, darkness or light. We all have beauty and fault. How we react on things is what defines us. And it made me understand that when someone hates me, I don't have to feel hatred too.
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