Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Sound Trip: Welcome to the Family

Last night out of nowhere, this song suddenly crossed my mind which was funny because I haven't heard this song in many many years. We used to sing this song in Primary School so it has been almost 30 years... that made me feel really old hehe.

Maybe I remembered this song because it reminds me of childhood, those innocent days when you believed that everyone are kind and caring. It speaks of a family deeper than blood relations - 

May we learn to love each other 

More with each new day, 
May words of love be on our lips 
In ev’ry thing we say. 
May the Spirit melt our hearts, 
And teach us how to pray, 
That we might be a true family. 

Beautiful isn't it? Unfortunately, as I grew older I found out that this is not the case with reality. There are people who wish and speak ill things about other people - and it's not very nice being at the receiving end of this bitterness. I should know. Char! Hahaha.

Anyway, let's just wish them more blessings because that is what we're supposed to do :)

Welcome to the family... :)

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