Today is a Sunshiny Day

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just a quick one...

Today when I walked the kids to school, the sun was shining really brightly. The breeze was still chilly and cold but the sun offsets it. This is the kind of weather I described to my husband as something I prefer when he asked me before about it. His reaction was that it's a very rare one but yeah, that's what makes it more special I guess. I love the weather so much I felt like singing, "I can see clearly now the rain has gone..."

So I'm thankful for the weather today. For me, it's like an oasis after walking through the desert, or the calm after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Life had been very challenging the past few days in general. It's like getting beaten physically, emotionally and mentally. With all the adjustments we are going through with our new schedules right now, it's sad that aggravating situations that has been buried would come back to pull you down to bury you in the pits. And then there's sad news about people passing away in your life. Changes and challenges alike. But I'm thankful for the lessons. It burns and then it heals. No matter if everyone else turns their backs on us, we will strive and thrive with God's help. That is all that matters. The chance and hope...

So this sunshiny day reminds me, that there is time for sadness but this day is for happiness and silence and hope and finally... peace. So I wish everyone to be happy today, because a happy heart makes the face cheerful.

Have some tea!

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