New Found Hobby - DIY Barbie Doll Clothes

Friday, May 15, 2015

In preparation for my daughters' birthday, which by the way is not until October and November, I decided to surprise them with a school of Barbie dolls. Literally.

This idea came up when I saw them one morning making paper dolls, wherein I helped maked them some, and miniature school items. It was fun but the life of these paper dolls were so short. Once the husband does his house inspection, every piece of irregularly shaped paper goes into the bin. Unfortunately, some homework ended with this fate too but that's not our topic here hehe. 

So I thought Barbie dolls would do the trick! It's been a year now since I have stopped buying them Barbie dolls. The last dolls I have bought them ended up with faces covered in black markers in Daisy's attempt to copy the doll make-over she saw in youtube. Too bad for Barbie, Daisy was watching a make-up tutorial for Monster High and none of her facial features were ever recovered. 

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I was never able to undo what my daughter had done. So I refrained from buying them Barbie dolls and saved it until they're a bit older. 

And I believe this time would be the best time to buy them the dolls again! For one thing, Daisy had moved on to other interests in youtube hehe. 

First, the kids helped me make miniature school items which I got from simplekidscraft in youtube. These were the results!

And then to take things a step higher, I ventured into diy Barbie doll clothes. The idea was overwhelming so I started looking for no-sew clothes. Lucky for me, some tutorials showed I can just cut holes from old socks and turn them into dresses. 

By now, I'm fully hooked. I realised I was ready to try more complex clothes and found this really cool website that made doll-clothes-making seem manageable and easy:

At first, I copied her patterns to make clothes for my own but then I got the hang of it and started making twists to come up with my own designs. 

The matching suit and skirt were from the website pattern. 

The turtleneck top was likewise from the website. The skirt was from me :)

To be continued...

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