Mystery Solved: The Case of the Writing on the Glass Door

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On the morning of the 25th of March, I woke up and got ready for work as usual, between 5 to 5:30am. I went about the house from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom as I normally do before the kids and the husband get up. By past 6am, the husband got up from bed. Around this time, the morning light starts to creep in so he pulled aside the blinds that cover the window and door that leads to the backyard.

When the blinds were pulled aside, there was fog on the glass door, which was not strange because the weather had been a bit colder last night. While going about my daily routine, I barely noticed the writing on the fog:

I love elsa
elsa is here

didn’t mind. I mean, it must have been Demi. I was too busy to even think about it thoughtfully. I was more concerned about catching my train. Around the same time, Demi got up from bed too. I kissed her goodbye and prepared to get out of the house when Demi asked “Mom, did you write that?” I was already at the door when the husband asked me to come back.

That’s when we started to get puzzled. I was sure all along it was Demi, there was no other suspect fitted to do that. Not that it mattered before, but because Demi asked, which meant it wasn’t her, my husband and I started getting scared. That was the only time I gave it a deep thought: Demi has long ago disliked Elsa. Like me, she doesn’t want to dwell on trends, because it kind of loses its “flavour.” So she wouldn’t actually write “I love Elsa” and that was one reason why I believed she didn’t write it.

I told my husband, maybe it has been written there a long time ago and when the fog came up, the writing showed. But even if that was the case, the fact was, it wasn’t Demi. Daisy can’t write yet, and it’s neither me or my husband. We didn’t know what to think. If this was a person who came inside the house that we were not aware of, that’s dangerous. Nothing was missing from the house though but just in case, the husband checked every possible hiding places. No one, which was not relieving either because we were left with one possibility… a ghost.

By then, I was already overthinking things. The message said "elsa IS here" not even WAS which gave the impression that whoever/whatever it was that wrote it was lingering and that sent goosebumps all over my body. My husband is a very rational man who doesn’t easily get scared. The sheer fright on his face right that moment made me realise that although the message was previously “cute,” the situation was getting scarier.

So never mind catching the train. I stayed with the husband and helped him get the kids ready for school. I went with him until all of us left the house to drop the kids to school. I did go to work that day though because I couldn’t afford to have another leave.

The mystery was a hot topic at work that day and everyone has their own speculation but the one I chose to believe was that these writings were done some time ago. I convinced myself it must have been one of Demi and Daisy’s friends. A family friend had stayed over 2 weeks ago and I decided it must have been Angel, their older daughter. Then I barely recalled the kids talking about Elsa, whether it was willpower or just wishful thinking.

As for the husband, he didn’t actually want to go back alone inside the house so I was surprised when I called him in the afternoon and he told me he was at home. I was impressed! Later on, I discovered he had a couple of friends over hahaha.

Anyway, fast forward to now. We didn’t really give it much thought afterwards. There wasn’t any creepy incident after that and we have stuck to our previous hunch. Last Friday, 3 April, the same family friend went over and stayed at the house. They were aware about the ghostly incident and that we have made a decision that it was their daughter who wrote it hehe. They asked the kid about it but Angel said she didn’t which was alright I said. To be honest, I didn’t want to do more investigation. I was satisfied enough to think it was Angel.

The last 3 days they stayed over at the house had been rainy and cold. One day, there was fog on the glass doors again. Because everyone was curious, except me, they asked Angel to write the same message on the glass doors. Deep inside I was protesting, “don’t!” because if it turns out that it wasn’t her handwriting, I don’t have another rational explanation for that. Reluctantly, Angel wrote the same message over and I was holding my breath while she did. Thankfully, with a sigh of relief, the strokes were the same, the height where she wrote it, it was her handwriting no doubt! Therefore, case closed. Ghost encounter ruled out. Never has and hopefully, never will.
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