Reminiscing in the Wee Hours

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Last night, I was so tired I was literally knocked out before the kids were even asleep. It must have been a little bit before or after 7, I don't know. We were ready for bed then but the kids wanted to stay up a bit more to play. I barely remember them complaining when I asked them to close their eyes and sleep and the rest was a haze. 

Early to bed, early to rise. True enough, it's just 12:30am and I am fully awake. Just like a character in the Sims I used to play when I was in college, once the energy bar gets filled up, he/she would wake up even though it's wee hours in the night. By the time the player has to go to work, his/her energy has ran out again. 

Usually, to make good use of the time, I would make the character do all sorts of things to seize the time, just as I am inclined to do something now. In the case of the Sims character, it could be reading, watching, having a bath, any of those activities that would raise a bit more of the mood. Even calling up neighbours who were naturally irritated just as in real life haha. But it increased a bit of the social mood so... Anyway, at first I tried to go back to sleep but once the brain starts thinking, there's no use even trying so I thought about seizing the time instead. Well, I realised I do not want to do any of the stuff my Sims character did, nor do I have the courage to them now.  But I am highly considering karaoke at the moment because I have been dying to do that yesterday on the way home but didn't get the chance to do it when I got home until I got really really tired and sleepy. So why not now instead? Luckily, rational thinking still got the best of me and I scold myself saying, don't be ridiculous. Not to mention, I am a bit frightened about what could go wrong with all those notions these modern horror movies suggest. After all, it's freaking 12:30am. 

So I just reminisced about my life for the nth time. At this moment, I think about the time when I used to wake up very very early in the morning, some time around 3am, to watch a movie I have wanted so much to see but missed and the only other schedule the movie aired out again is 3am before a new month began again. That was when we had cable TV and the set of movies usually change every month. 

I was so brave then! There was this one instance when the movie I was waiting for was called "Children of the Corn part 3." For info, Children of the Corn was one of Stephen King's short stories and he's very well known not for comedy as we could see. But yeah, I watched it, 3am, no stir. 

*** later that day

Actually, that wasn't the whole truth hehe. The reason I was so persistent to watch it was because I found the main villain cute. He's not a very popular actor though. Name's Daniel Cerny, and as I googled him now I realised how my preference somehow improved. I mean, he's okay, he's not ugly but it's just a bit weird now to actually see him as cute with his kind of character in Children of the Corn III. Later on, not later later but maybe months after or so, I discovered that he made an appearance in Fearless too. Naturally, I didn't get the movie's plot because I was too frustrated waiting for him hahaha. 

I remember I made a tiny list of the actors and actresses who caught my attention back then but that will be another story. As for the interrupted slumber, I shortly went back to sleep after this little bit if journey to my childhood... Hoping that I would be able to wake up in time for work. Thankfully I did. :)
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