Baking for Beginners

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I would like to start off by saying that I am not an expert in baking. Quite far from it actually. But baking, as with any other creative hobbies, is on my list of things to do.

My last experience with baking was back when I was 15 or so. In high shcool, we have Technology and Home Economics subject and I really enjoyed the year when we were taught to bake. My most favourite then was baked mac, just saying. And around the same time, mom and dad bought our oven with stove top which up to now is still functional except for the oven that is. Being new, we were very excited to try it out and I remembered us baking a cake for tita Cel. She was the lucky person to have her birthday around the time we were so passionate with making cakes. I was the one who wrote the greetings. :)

Sad to say, the hobby vanished after that. This is the first time after 15 years or so that I explored baking again inspired by the cupcake day which my colleagues held at the office very recently. I realised that here in Sydney, a whole lot of baking stuff are within arm's length. For me, it was kind of overwhelming where to start but a good friend advised me that it is best to use the ready made packets by Betty Crocker when you're a novice on this thing. With a particular cupcake design in my mind, sure enough, getting started was pretty easy.

This particular frozen cupcake caught my attention and looked within my capacity.

For instructions on this very creative idea, please click here

But let me reiterate that I am in no way at that level yet so I just used the ready made Betty Crocker chocolate cupcake mix. The packett already includes chocolate icing and large baking cups but I didn't know this so I bought a 100-piece small baking cups and a Betty Crocker vanilla frosting on top of it. But I guess the extra purchases were necessary because I needed a white frosting and can only do small cupcakes for a start. 

It turned out that there was more than enough of the mix for the 24-piece small cupcake baking tray so I put in the rest of the mix on an 8-inch round tray. Didn't want to bake in two batches. 

As for the icicles, I grabbed the recipe from the link above but had to make modifications as mine turned out gummy the first time I used too much corn syrup. I added up sugar in mine and it crystalised just fine in the end.

And here are the finished products! Didn't nail it totally, but wasn't all that bad either. :)

It was extra fun for the kids because they iced and designed their own cupcakes, 2 of each. Of course, they ate them too! It was yummm!

*The cake as of this moment is still untouched. The icing was quite messy because I was too excited to put the white frosting along the sides before realising that I should have frosted the whole cake first. Oh well, next time, God willing... :)
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