Our Anniversary 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We celebrated our anniversary last night as simple as it could be: have my favourite food for dinner which is pizza and give gifts to each other. That’s it... But it seems as if we were both thinking about the same thing... and that is pampering, haha. Well, for me, I definitely think my husband needs to look after himself too because he’s so busy taking care of us he forgot to look after himself too. He is THAT selfless...

So I got him a Men’s Facial Scrub and Body Exhilarater from Body Shop. I knew he would be happy about it. As for me? I was even happier to find this when I got home: Tokyo Love soap!

Just a brief background, I have learned about this product from one of my friends in church who has an online business of selling quality items from baby stuff, skin care, clothes, just about EVERYTHING! I have ordered the Tokyo Love soap from her originally but, sad to say, shipping cost from US to Australia was more than 50% of the cost of the product itself! If I were rich, this wouldn’t have been a problem: just order some other stuff from her shop and take advantage of the postage. In fact, she’s got very good products but as I have said, I have limited resources. Okay fine, I admit it, I am very frugal. I have ordered the soap only after thinking 100x and deciding that it’s more than just luxury haha... Well, anyway, I was really sad that I had to cancel it because of that ridiculous shipping cost (it would have to be considering we’re from opposite ends of the world).

So I was really happy when I could have the soap after all! :) If in any case one who reads this is sooo curious as to why I want this soap, let’s chat privately hehehe.

We’ve never been into this pampering stuff even before. Once, we tried getting a very cheap Thai massage and I ended up feeling bruised and battered. Likewise, we’re not really used to using beauty products so hopefully this would be a good experience for both of us. Hopefully, I would be writing a good review about this soap in the future too...
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Daisy Goes to School Too!

Monday, April 28, 2014

April has perhaps the most holidays during the year, perhaps even more than last December. Or maybe the same, but because the holidays fell at the beginning/end of weekdays resulting to 2 long weekends in a row, it felt like more holidays for me. It was a well spent “days-off“ with the kids but alas! School starts again tomorrow... But someone’s being very happy though and that is none other than... Daisy!!!

Indeed, Daisy loves going to school very much. It’s not going to be her first day tomorrow, it’s just that this post is soooo overdue hehe. She started school this February and has been going on for 3 days in a week since then and I have never experienced any hassle about her refusing to go to school so far, which is a great relief. For anyone reading this, Daisy, being the youngest in the family is very much like a baby still. I was really worried about how she would manage being on her own in school let alone, if she would even allow us to leave her on her own at school.

On the morning of her first day in school, I found Daisy in this state: she holding her beloved plush Pooh in front of her and quietly speaking to him like a mom to her baby. It’s so cute I had to take a photo of her. :) Maybe she’s just reassuring Pooh that he will still be her baby (cause she’s gonna make new friends in school, y’know) or I don’t know. It’s not like it was the first time she’s leaving Pooh behind at home.

Unlike when Demi first went to school way back when we were still in the PH, I didn’t have to take a leave from work because my shift starts really late in the morning so I could still drop them off to school. So my husband and I both dropped them off to school that morning, and just like with Demi before, I can’t help but sneak on the classroom window. I know it’s kind of immature (and we were the only parents doing that, hahaha), but I was very curious how my headstrong little girl would be like in class. I have never felt so proud as when I was looking at my little girl behaving very sweetly while moulding a clay, just as teacher told them to. But for the rest of the afternoon, while I was at work, I kept expecting that my husband would get a call from the teacher to take Daisy home because she’s looking for us and would not stop crying. That was 6 hours straight in school after all. Proud to say though, when I got home that night, my husband gladly accounted that Daisy was all smiles when he picked up the girls that afternoon.

To add more bonus, Daisy wants to go to school even when there’s no school. She is so unlike me when I was a kid hahaha. Even this school holidays, Daisy would sometimes speak out that she would like to go to school. I was preparing myself with convincing debates to get her to school not the other way around. Well, at least there’s someone in the family now who LOVES school. When I was a student, we used to rejoice when school was unexpectedly cancelled and when some other mom calls my mom to confirm and say that her daughters were crying because school was cancelled, I and my brothers were like, “Really, these people exist???” oh well, I’m just glad I have one rare type of that specie right in my house. :p

Well, school starts tomorrow again and she’s gonna be so happy. As for Pooh, I’m sure he has coped up.
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