Saturday, March 2, 2013


Most of our happiness in life come from simple things... such as these!

I thought I would never get crafty again. Or at least I thought it would take a long time to get my momentum back so I was really happy when I purchased this two shade pink yarn and hook.

Plus, fave movies from my childhood really made my day! Just a trivia: my first ever crush was Atreyu from Neverending Story 1 (I did not like 2 & 3) coz he had this perfect face that's almost effeminate. And the empress was really really pretty. I used to look at her pictures in the net when I was pregnant with Demi. Anyway, I remembered being overwhelmed by the story as a child. Sad to say, warching it again dis not give me the same butterflies in the stimach while looking at Atreyu's face nor did it gibe me the fright when he had to get past the sphinx who shoots laser heams from their eyes... this was the most scary part for me back then. Watching it again made me think like the movie was actually slow paced. Anyway, the idea is to share it with the kids like letting them and the husband get a glimpse of my childhood which was a happy phase in my life.

The other movie was Milo and Otis. Back then I had been so fascinated with the cute cat and dog. It was the best we could enjoy back then for there were no computer generated or modified pet movies yet such as Cats and Dogs or Babe. So when I let the family watch the movie they found it quite boring. Moreover I discovered that it had been a controversial movie with issues on animal cruelty. I guess that was the setback with lack of technological advances. Makes one kinda guilty to enjoy the movie. Anyway, I guess the fun part was reminiscing the fresh years. 


  1. I'm sure the two will enjoy it :) Yun lang, feeling ko ang tanda ko na after realizing how old these movies are hhahaha

    And yung yarn? reminds me of our THE days ahahah

    1. Sorry Diane ngayon ko lang nakita tong comment mo hahaha. Ako naman basta kausap kita feeling ko 15 years old lang ako, parang regular kulasas lang :)

  2. Wow! Brings back memories. I remember watching the The Neverending Story at a Shakey's store during my cousin's birthday party. Memories. =)

    My friend, when she was still a little girl, was invited to audition for the part of the princess in that movie by a talent scout. But they were only vacationing in the US and had to go back home na so she wasn't able to attend the initial auditions. Sayang. =)

    1. Oh darn, I didn't notice this comment and it's like 2 years ago!

      Wow your friend must be really beautiful to be invited for that part. It wasn't a very difficult role either so there might have been a high possibility of her getting it too :)


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