Monday, February 4, 2013

Demi’s First Day in School… Again :)

Today, we walked Demi to school. This is her first time in school again. She started kindergarten in the Philippines last June 2012 but had to end it in November because they went to Australia in December and we were all together at last! Yey!

It was a first time for us too. Looking for a nearby school was challenging because we do not know our way around Hebersham yet. But at the last minute, thank God, we were able to discover this nearby Public School at the street next to ours. All we had to do was bring over some documents and then we're all set.

School year starts here at the latter part of January to the first week of February. As for Demi, today is her first day at 11:15am and just like before, I didn’t see signs of nervousness. Only happiness and excitement in her face.

We're leaving the house!
Walking on the way to school.
Waiting from outside the classroom.


  1. Natawa ako dun sa title hahaha first day for both of you ay mali for the three of you :)

    1. For the four of us, including the photographer hehehe. ;)

  2. Naks! Parang ang saya mo at ng dalawang bata! Hope she had fun!

    1. She had fun alright. And wala daw homework kaya sya mas masaya hahaha. :D

    2. Wow. So nice to see kids excited like that, hindi agitated. Congrats and goodluck! :)

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