Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Sound Trip # 13: I Know by Yasmien Kurdi

Ummm... let's be cute today. I just hope not too many people see this post hehe. Don't get me wrong, I mean I really like this song, it's simple (like a teenage puppy love poem) and Yasmien has a good singing voice here. Just a bit "stoppy" as if she's trying to remember where to pause or like being too conscious about the tempo and timing. Still I liked this song *geez I'm blushing hahaha*

It hurts the sassy pride y'know. This song is "tweetums" and cheesy stuff (which I prefer in pizzas only) and I'm not like those things... It's just that... I like it in all honesty and I'd like to sing this song to the husband when I'm in that cheesy mood (darn I let it out!). Don't look at me with raised eyebrows... okay... I KNOW. >:(

Apparently, I even got her name spelling right *sheesh* (last note: I'm not a die hard fan okay? thanks...)


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Sound Trip # 12: 4 Seasons of Loneliness by Boyz II Men

Good memories... this song make me think of that most blissful time in high school, 3rd year. Every day with my bestfriend and being classmates with my inspiration? That was just great. School was tough but I didn't notice that. ;)

And I remember, it was the same season I first heard the song. What I meant was around December (if my poor memory is reliable that is) my favourite season in the Philippines because it is the coldest, not that we have that many seasons to compare with haha. That was inside the school service. It was one of those songs that make you fall in love with it at first hearing. Plus it's Boyz II Men, they're legends. They're the type who can be quiet for years and come back still loved. The last time I saw them perform at X-Factor Australia however, they were just 3. Can someone please tell me about that? Anyway, *sigh* this song doesn't fail to make me shiver even after all those years...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Sound Trip # 11: You're Beautiful by James Blunt

Just recently listened to this song again, after like 7 years maybe. I remembered someone sending me this song and now I'm thinking, yeah, thanks, I AM BEAUTIFUL hahaha!

Gotta apologize for some profanity though, just like what the person who sent this to me told me... that was 7 years ago did I mention that?

Anyway, enough non-sense. Let me take you down to memory lane (I'm pretty sure one way or another the song will remind you about that time... 7 years ago. Hahaha! Enough stressing that!)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some Cool Catalogue Products

Browsing around some catalogue called “HomeCare” one idle morning, I found these products really cool. I didn’t buy any of what I’m gonna share subsequently though haha.

First, I realized that as a woman, purses are what I love best. I don’t know. I just recently discovered that up to now, I’m still attracted to the part of shops where purses are being displayed. And from this catalogue, I instantly fell in love with these ‘Floral Embossed Ladies’ Purses’ in shades of red and purple. The purses have 3 sections for banknotes, 2 credit card slots, a zipped compartment, snap-shut coin purse and 2 heart-shaped windows for ID for $18.90.

Next, there’s this really cute porcelain doll called ‘Mary Beth’ for $24.90. It’s nice but I’d never buy one at that price and just for display hehe. The tape dispenser, for $14.90, I think is really creative. This dog would never get tired of holding out the tape for you. Mugs are common gifts during the holidays but this one will stand out. For $9.90, this mug has glowing candles feature. It will light up when the mug is filled with hot drink! How cool is that?

These products make life easier. This set of ‘Versatile Bendable Hangers’ won’t leave unsightly bulges in the shoulders of blouses and will secure clothes with slippery straps. Although I think it’s a bit expensive for $19.90 hehe. Have you ever tried dusting off your blinds? If you have, you’ll definitely agree that this ‘Microfiber Blind Cleaner’ will make the job tons easier and for $4.90, should be a good buy. I remember when I used to make bead watches and struggled with fitting them because it kept slipping off my wrist. This bracelet helper is a really great idea for just $6.90.

Some of the products I think would be useful for me such as this stretchy double combs for $7.90 set of 2. Okay, I do doubt if it could hold my hair bun in place but it seems like a nice substitute to my usual chopsticks. The ‘Purple Micro Polar-Fleece Gloves’ for $19.90 look very stylish. I was thinking this could serve me well at the time I felt really cold in my workplace at Philex hehe. And the tummy trimmer for $14.90 is just what I need. Ever since I’ve gained fat, I’ve been having trouble wearing my skirts. I didn’t want to buy new ones though and not entirely because I was being thrifty but also because I was hoping to get that 24.5 inches waistline again hehehe.

How about making life easier in the kitchen? This ‘Non-Stick Chef’s Knife for just $11.90 is brilliant for cutting cakes. Say goodbye to that nasty experience having all the icing stick to the knife and you end up licking the blade haha. And the ‘Multi-Blade Herb Scissors’ makes snipping greens easier although the price is a bit expensive for $19.90, I think.

Some of the things I found could be great gifts for my family such as the owl pendant for just $8.90 which my cousin Riann would love. She’s a great fan of owls. The Gecko Wall Deco on the other hand, reminded me of my mom who has this great fear of lizards and its family hehe. I know she’d just kill me if I’d send one of these for her despite that vibrant colour hehe. But perhaps it would be worth spending $22.90 just to see the reaction hahaha! The red flower brooch is something I’d like to create. For $9.90, It would look great against a black blazer.

When I saw this ‘Black Cat Book Ends’ I thought it would be perfect for my little sister Julie. She loves books and cats. But at $34.90, uh, I realized she might rather want one of this Japanese Kokeshi Dolls for just $12.90. I suddenly remembered that she likes Japanese and red better than books and cats (hehe).

Finally, for the kids, I found this amazing ‘Star Projector Light’ and for $12.90, it’s quite cool enough. The kids would find it hard to sleep when it’s on though. And how about this ‘Under-Sea Wall Sticker Set?’ Demi and Daisy loves under the sea themes ever since they’ve had that Little Mermaid inclination. But for $7.90, it’s a bit expensive especially since they’d just tear them out from the wall in less than 5 minutes. So I think the ‘Aquarium Theme Shower Curtain’ would be a better buy at $9.90. Taking the kids for a bath would be easier. It’s getting them out that would be difficult.

So that’s it! If I were to buy all of these things it would cost me about $300. That’s about Php13,000, so no thanks hehe. I’m okay just by looking at them. Maybe, if I were to buy just one though, I’d choose the most important which is… the tummy tucker? What do you think? :p