Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buwan ng Wika 2012

Last Saturday, 25 August, we participated in Demi's school program in commemoration of the Buwan ng Wika. This is in support to the heroes of our country who are given a date in August to be celebrated and remembered.

Part of the program is to showcase the children's talent in singing, group dancing and declamation. This part was announced way earlier but because of the busy-ness of the circumstances and my forgetful character, I didn't remember to choose a talent for Dem until it was but 2 weeks away. Now I'm a little bit choosy with presentation although I can say that nobody really has the showbiz blood in either side of the family. I don't want to settle with the songs suggested by Teacher, namely "Ako'y Isang Pinoy" or "Ako ay Pilipino." I wanted something unique and chose "Isang Lahi" instead, which later turned out to be a good decision because most of the kids who sang, from Prep down to Nursery, performed the song "Ako'y Isang Pinoy."

True, the song I chose is a bit hard plus we don't have much time to prepare so I had to make amendments with the minus one I got from YouTube. Here, I thank the person who upload the video and my sister for teaching me how to convert the video to mp3 file through a site. Equipped with a talent for cramming and a few know-how in editing videos using Windows Movie Maker, I just had to cut away the second stanza and voila! Demi was all set to perform.

One other cramming I did was buying the Filipiniana dress which I only wondered about on the morning of the day before the program itself. I asked my husband what the children should be wearing and had a hunch it would be a Filipiniana dress but he wasn't sure either so I went to office in the morning and had to take a leave in the afternoon after my husband verified that my premonition was right to buy the dress (*stops to breathe air :p*). The truth was, I had enough experience with this back when I was a student myself to know better and that I was even negligent to the last minute hehe. So I still didn't possess the good diligence of a father of a family. First is because I'm not a father of course, second, because I wasn't able to foresee promptly.

Well, everything paid off, even the fact that Demi caught colds during the program, as what happened with the Nutrition Month last July. The day before the kids were to recite, Demi lost her voice. I promise I did not overdo her practicing. It was plain coincidence coupled with the unpredictable weather. But since she was singing this time, the whole situation got me nervous. I didn't pressure ourselves though. I just told my baby to do her best and quite naturally... she brought home the bacon. Hehehe... Please allow me to exercise the bragging rights of a mom ;)

And now I give you, the first placers (because these sisters are always one), Demi and Daisy!

Before her performance. Not a hint of stage fright. I was the one nervous haha.

Demi's very first medal! I'm so proud of my baby :)

One thing that's cute about kids is that they don't let their achievements get into their heads. At the end of the day, they're still as simple and pure as they are.

With friends:

The main objective of the program has been achieved: another milestone in building up these kids' self esteem. For me, they are all winners! :)

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