Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update on Demi's Schooling

Demi's finally wearing her school uniform! :) Well, this post is actually late by 2 weeks already hehe. She has started wearing one since the first week of July. I just wasn't able to update on it at once. Pardon me, but for a mom like me, it's a milestone. And I think Demi looks really pretty on her daily school uniform.

She looks lady-like in her blouse and skirt doesn't she? ;)
My excitement is besides the fact that she formally looks as a student. The other is, I'm running out of dresses for her to wear. Since we do not go out very frequently, I didn't notice that she's outgrowing most of her clothes. Her height increases that much, which compensates for her never growing some fat ever. Anyway, these were her fashionista days hehehe...

Isn't it obvious that this pictorial thing is becoming tiresome to her too? Hehe...

It must be a reflief to her too, because after the uniforms came, there were no more picture taking except when she first wore them hehe. Now she can pose more casually and voluntarily too with her sister when they're playing princess dress up. :)


  1. Ang tangkad ni Ate Demi! Sabi nga ni melanie marquez, "long legged legs" si ate, may future mowdel ka na Jenn hahah

  2. When I see such lovely children I am reminded of my favorite "The soul is healed by being with children. ~ By FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.


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