BC Bloggers Meme: 30 Things About Me

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today, I received a newsletter from BC Bloggers admin about their latest meme for the month of July. This is the very first time I'm joining a bloggers group and I'm excited to participate on my very first meme hosted by fellow BC blogger, Sanna. Before I go on, you might want to check out 30 things about her. ;)

So what are the 30 things that people should know about me?

  1. My full name is Jennifer.
  2. I used to dislike my name and preferred other names like "Ambrosia" (or other peculiar names hehe)
  3. I am the 3rd to my parents' 5 children who were all named with a -FER at the end.
  4. I was an ugly duckling (though I never became the beautiful swan, at least I improved over the years hehe).
  5. When I was in Kinder, John Lloyd was my classmate (yes, I'm talking about the actor :D he's in my class picture, in fact)
  6. Although he was my classmate, we never knew each other personally (but I know where his childhood home is *wink*)
  7. When I was a kid, I loved red and blue crayons and always made sure they're beside each other in the box. I placed pink at the farthest end. (Because red and blue were lovers and pink's trying to steal blue from red. Weird.)
  8. When we were a lot younger, my brothers made my life hell! (they teased me til I cried and everybody got pissed of me because I cried loud).
  9. So I pestered my mom for a sister. After 10 years, the sister arrived who turned out to be an enemy as well during the early years (due to the age gap of course)
  10. I belong to a musically inclined family, my brothers play the guitars, drums, keyboards. The youngest brother learned drums very young while the sister has great voice and plays keyboards well.
  11. I'm the only one among the siblings who can't play an instrument even after an attempt to self-study keyboards.
  12. Me and my girl cousins formed a girl band though, aka Spice Girls (the imitation version hehe).
  13. Around 15, I loved Ghost Fighter aka Yuyu Hakusho. The only other anime I've become addicted to other than Princess Sara and Cedie.
  14. I have a best friend whom I've known since grade 1 and been a close friend from 1st year high school.
  15. I never learned to commute or ride public transports until my first day in college.
  16. I shifted beliefs when I was in college and have been convicted to it since then.
  17. I love music, arts and literature, but I ended up with a career for numbers.
  18. My first job forced me to travel to different parts of Manila (other than home, school, office or church) and deal with various people, which are 2 of my weaknesses.
  19. I became the sassy girl that I am at 22 when I started to work (I had very long hair!)
  20. I love cats! I was never without one from when I was 7 until I was 27.
  21. The reason for having without cats, is my OC husband. I have met the OC husband from Friendster.
  22. His Frienster profile says he wanted to meet "My Sassy Girl" but when he met me, we had a series of "away-bati" (love-hate) relationship.
  23. We've been more than friends but less than lovers for 5 years in the internet world, before we finally met. He didn't meet me until he was sure I was in love haha.
  24. I have been there, done that, but was able to sprung back (huh?)
  25. I ceased to be the sassy girl or at least suppressed it when I gave birth to my first daughter. Not immediately after that, but gradually. ;)
  26. The first daughter inherited the sassy traits. The second daughter got the more sassy traits.
  27. People who didn't know me before thought how opposite I am with my daughters (they just didn't know).
  28. I love to read. But I prefer books over newspapers. I'm trying to instill this fond for reading to my 2 kids.
  29. I love my family, extended family, etc. I am not very showy about this but my affection could be really profound.
  30. I look introvert but once people get to know me, or become close to me, they discover my talent for humor and teasing (it runs in the family.)
So there! At first it was difficult to pick out the most "essential" trivia about me hehe so I just went on chronologically. Basically, it all boils down to 2 things: I am a living paradox and nobody knows me fully well except the One who created me and although my life is an open book, very few people would understand what's written on it. :)

Happy blogging to everyone!

PS: I'd like to say thank you to a fellow BC Blogger who introduced this group to me. You might not know it, but you did. Thanks Bee!


  1. Wow. Made in Friendster pala ha. Hehehe. Nice. :)

  2. Some interesting facts about you! You and my sister share the same name. And a pseudo-Spice Girls band! I'm guessing you were Posh?

    1. Thanks! Your sister must be beautiful too hahaha.

      Believe it or not, I was Sporty :D

  3. Oh I think you turned into the beautiful swan Jenn. You look so pretty in your profile pic. Seriously you wanted to be named something like Ambrosia? lol! I rarely commute on my own also before college days. Sheltered life? hehehe

    Sis, I didn't see this in the linkies at the bottom of Sanna's post...you might want to submit your entry there so others can also visit here. :-)

    1. You really think so? Thanks!

      I didn't notice the links until you told me about it thanks! I've just done it now. :)

  4. Interesting list. Hey you're a beautiful swan hold your neck high and smile. Welcome to BC Bloggers by the way:-)

    Thanks for the drop by from http://stagemomandmore.blogspot.com/

  5. that's a nice list Ambrosia este Jenn pala! Thanks for checking mine.

    I followed you via GFC and you are on my roll too.. Hope you can add mine as well.. See you around!



    1. Haha, thanks!

      You already are on my roll :) It's on the BC Bloggers page, I put yours and the others who I've just encountered at the top of the list :)

  6. You are a beautiful swan now. kita sa picture..hehe

    30 Things About Me

    1. Thanks January, and you're one delicious spicy mama! :)

  7. John Lloyd!! Naalala ko tuloy nung first year high school, he studied sa Marikina Catholic School and some of my classmates were proudly bragging the yearbooks with his pic hahaha

    Na-addict din ako sa Ghost Fighter... Si Dennis ang super crush ko dun

    1. Hehe, I can only brag about our class picture. But then again, we were 5-year-old kids, what do we remember? Hehe.

      Yipee! Glad to know you're one too. May kadamay ako hahaha. Eugene's my crush and I was ecstatic that his girlfriend was "Jenny" hehehe. I used to memorize all the names of the characters even the least noticeable ones. That's how addict I was.

  8. I watched the sassy girl movie and I really love it.
    I rarely find couples made by friendster. hehehe

    1. I will always love Sassy Girl ;) the movie served as a guide on how I should react to my Gyun Woo during the courtship stage. Y'know, saying things like "wanna die?" Hahaha!

      I used to get embarrassed with on-line relationships too. But real love comes in the most mysterious ways. ;)

  9. I still did not watched Sassy girl. They say it is a good movie.

    1. It is! You should definitely watch it :) It's funny and romantic and has just the right touch of drama. The whirlwind romance between the two protagonists is not unlike my very own love story either hehe. ;)

  10. that ugly duckling you mentioned is now a pretty swan :)

    thanks sis for the visit

    1. Thanks and you are most welcome :) Will definitely visit again in the future.

  11. interesting facts about you :) i also like ghost fighter esp dennis and vincent :)

  12. You are a pretty girl sis. I dont know what ugly duckling you are talking about:)

    1. Haha thanks! That was my perspective sis. I was not really boyish, but I couldn't care less about my looks back then.

  13. gosh, you're a beautiful swan naman with a nice name pati nga kapatid mo may "fer" din sa dulo ha, I think its cute. hehehe.

    I like ghost fighter too! princess sarah and cedie! I can watch it again and again. but I like fushigi yuugi! do you know that?

    late visit from bc blogger.

    1. Thanks if you think so :)

      I heard Fushigi Yuugi but have no idea what's it about. I'll add that on my list of things to do, check out FY hehe.

      You're always welcome to come and go here as you please :D


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