A Tribute to Bob Ross

Saturday, July 21, 2012

First of all, I am making this post in participation to the Beautiful Blogger Award which was passed on to me by Addie, whose blog I equally love and constantly check out here. Thank you so much Addie! :)

Part of the participation is nominating 5 bloggers who I believe deserve this award. Tough! All the blogs in my list are deserving. But since I have already nominated a few on my previously received Liebster award, I'm choosing new ones for this one. And they are:

  1. Dilipnaidu - For never failing to share sensible and inspiring posts
  2. AC's Life is Beautiful. So Am I. - You are indeed a beautiful blogger literally. And I admire your humour ;)
  3. Nisha for Teeth That Sparkle - For her unforgettable blog and... well teeth hehe.
  4. Bee of Before I Turn 25 - For always giving me ideas on worthwhile things to do in life and last but definitely not the least
  5. Jeyna Grace - I love your fanfics and original write ups! :)

Second, I chose this subject because this was a part of my childhood, which memories I treasure and value as a beautiful and joyful part of my life. When I was in high school, I remember watching Bob Ross paint on cable TV and he deserves this tribute because although there were many great painters out there, he was the one who awakened the painter in me. As evidence of his inspiration, I gave away landscape paintings to my friends during that Xmas in 1994. Sadly, I wasn't able to keep one for myself. After that, his show was cancelled and I never watched him paint again.

Bob Ross was great in painting beautiful landscapes. Some of his breathtaking pieces are below.

Photo Source: A lovely summer landscape.
Photo Source: This one's a cozy winter scene.
Photo Source: This is particularly breath taking. It's like the real northern lights and not just picture at all.
Photo Source: Take particular note of the reflection in the body of water. So alive and real... :)
But what's so magical is the artist at work. He made it look like painting is a piece of cake. If you can't imagine what I mean, just watch this video.

Amazing isn't it? He just shared a wonderful skill to the amateurs who regarded this aspect of art as only for the professionals or novices who went schooling. 

For more than 10 years, I haven't watched any of his shows. Nor has he crossed my mind. Except that one night, while my kids were searching for cartoons, he accidentally popped in YouTube search and I instantly recognized him. He was such a happy part of my childhood days and now, the kids enjoy watching his paintings too. :)

I just learned though that he died in 1995 while battling the disease lymphoma which was the reason for the abrupt cancellation of his show in 1994. :(

By sharing this post, I hope that the beauty of his paintings would continue to live on and inspire the painters at heart out there.


  1. I've shared your blog on my fan page! Thanks for the nomination!

  2. Awwww.. Thank you. Touched ako. Hihi. :D
    You know what, I really find your face pretty.. And being a mother makes you even more beautiful. :)
    I love painting too and I used to draw a lot when I was young. I wanted to take up formal painting lessons but never really pushed through coz I was swayed to track on a route to the corporate. Sayang.

    1. Thanks for the flattering remarks. :)

      With Bob's techniques, you could paint even without formal schooling especially if you're doing it just for a hobby. I think you have the potential since you are inclined to drawing and all. Looking forward to seeing future paintings from you haha. ;)

  3. Firstly my heartiest congrats for your well deserved - Beautiful Blogger Award! I always enjoy your posts and 'truly have a beautiful experience'.

    I also thank you for considering me for the same award and I feel honored and humbled. I am yet to figure out how I must set it up.

    Thank you and be blessed.

  4. Hey, beauty! Thanks for introducing to Ross' work. The paintings are indeed alive and real.

    Also, your five nominees don't fail!

    1. You're beauty haha. I always forget to mention that you look like Ginger Conejero (did I get her surname right?). Honest, I remember you whenever I see her on TV but forget to tell you so afterwards haha.

      Anyway, thanks again for spreading the beauty.

    2. Ginger! Many have told me the same. I don't get to watch her on TV kase but I've seen a few pics and I always go like huh? Anyway, kaswerte ni Ginger Conejero, ako kamuka. Haha.

    3. But you do look alike. I even fooled my husband by saying that "Ginger" is my blog friend. I had him for a while except that he saw your name Addie hahaha.

      Naks naman. I just learned that Ginger was former Ms. Earth runner up. Ikaw na ang maging isang beauty queen. Haha.

    4. http://themousynerd.tumblr.com/post/27900475393/ginger-conejero-sassy-girl-here-is-currently-the

    5. Hahaha, you are being stubborn Addie. :p I did the same thing when I fooled my husband but I used your pic with your "x" on your lap. You know what he said? Siguro foreigner ang husband ni Ginger! Hahaha. I laughed so hard. ;)

    6. You think I could make a living just by impersonating Ginger? I badly need extra income. And LOL on the foreigner husband, too. Your hubby rocks.


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