Contest Anyone?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cute aren't they? They're Mui-Ko button pins and if you wanna have a chance to pick 3 of them, head on over to Ms. Danielle Wu here. And while there you might as well look around too, she writes great posts!

Good luck to us!
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A Likely Ghost Encounter?

Monday, July 30, 2012

PMC Hallways. View from the Accounting Department,
in front of my cubicle to be exact. Photo courtesy of my office friend, Roch.

This morning, despite the continuous rain and bad weather, I arrived at the office very early, at 7:10. I normally arrive around this time except that this morning, the office was a little more forlorn. Before reaching the 3rd floor to the Finance Department, it was evident that the lights were still out. From the stairs, I can hear Mang Pablo moving about the dark hallways busy with his usual early morning chores, so I sensed he was nearby.

I can also hear the noisy hand dryer from the female wash room as I went straight to the place just like I always do every morning to wash my face. I was even cautious to step inside expecting Mang Pablo to be there cleaning and using the hand dryer. To my relief (?), he wasn't there. Of course any girl would find it awkward to find a man inside the wash room even if he's just to clean, so to explain my relief. But to my bewilderment, there was nobody inside at all. I felt fear. But believe it or not, not because I was thinking about ghosts. I do not know why it didn't cross my mind but I even went to the dryer. In fact, I even inspected it, touching it this way and that to check what's making it work. It was automatic and works on sensor. I'm not sure how long it's been working but it was hot when I touched it so I kept my distance in case it explodes. That was my fear.

Mang Pablo emerged from the maintenance quarter beside the female wash room and I called out to ask him what could be wrong. But he was walking too quickly and the dryer too noisy such that he didn't hear me. A few seconds later though, the machine stopped. I, on the other hand, proceeded with washing my face. Just like that.

I shared this incident with my office friend, Rhen, over lunch. Her reaction gave me the overdue shivery response. These non-concrete presences are not new according to her, only that they were more rampant and extreme in the 2nd floor. Instead of dryers going crazy, they have there typewriters working on its own.

What she explained to me, the extent of its reality I don't know, was that our building used to be a hospital. But that is the case with so many buildings elsewhere, hence, it could be another urban legend. Anyway, I told her I have never really experienced anything supernatural yet. And then thinking about the experience this morning, I doubted if I should rather say, before instead of yet.

I do not dream to experience one. If this morning had been a close encounter, I was just glad that I was as insensitive as I have always been. I think I might even give a light chuckle to the ghost's poor attempt in scaring me, if it was indeed a ghost. Maybe so many ghosts had tried frightening me before as well, but to no avail. If only they could say "you're no fun to scare!"

Perhaps the trick is to think less about the supernatural and more about the practical things like a broken dryer or an automatic typewriter programmed to work on its own. That way, I keep to the rational part of my brain and become less imaginative.
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Sunday Sound Trip: White Flag by Dido

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yesterday, I was struck with nostalgia over the songs that I used to love (and realized that I still love them up to now) so I went on a sound trip marathon at YouTube. Most of the songs that I like are from my past and as such, get barely played on the radio now. So I decided to make a post about a song I like every week. Not only do I get to share the songs that once had meaning in my life, but also to save these accounts in my memoir. ;)

My very first sound trip post, which was the very first song I searched on YouTube yesterday, is White Flag by Dido. Some people might have just gotten out from an unsuccessful relationship and I understand how much it hurts especially if you had been left hanging. All I can say is, be strong especially at these times when our emotions overcome our rational thinking and we tend to make clumsy decisions to the point of degrading ourselves so pointlessly. At an early stage, it's difficult to say whether the relationship could be really over. Consequently, it's as tough to decided whether to fight to stay or fight to walk away. In any case, let's not be hopeless with love. Love is a beautiful thing and it does not belong to one person alone. In time, it will be given and while we're waiting let there be no white flag above our doors. Never surrender in love. :)

And now, I give you White Flag. Enjoy listening!
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BC Bloggers Meme: 30 Things About Me

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today, I received a newsletter from BC Bloggers admin about their latest meme for the month of July. This is the very first time I'm joining a bloggers group and I'm excited to participate on my very first meme hosted by fellow BC blogger, Sanna. Before I go on, you might want to check out 30 things about her. ;)

So what are the 30 things that people should know about me?

  1. My full name is Jennifer.
  2. I used to dislike my name and preferred other names like "Ambrosia" (or other peculiar names hehe)
  3. I am the 3rd to my parents' 5 children who were all named with a -FER at the end.
  4. I was an ugly duckling (though I never became the beautiful swan, at least I improved over the years hehe).
  5. When I was in Kinder, John Lloyd was my classmate (yes, I'm talking about the actor :D he's in my class picture, in fact)
  6. Although he was my classmate, we never knew each other personally (but I know where his childhood home is *wink*)
  7. When I was a kid, I loved red and blue crayons and always made sure they're beside each other in the box. I placed pink at the farthest end. (Because red and blue were lovers and pink's trying to steal blue from red. Weird.)
  8. When we were a lot younger, my brothers made my life hell! (they teased me til I cried and everybody got pissed of me because I cried loud).
  9. So I pestered my mom for a sister. After 10 years, the sister arrived who turned out to be an enemy as well during the early years (due to the age gap of course)
  10. I belong to a musically inclined family, my brothers play the guitars, drums, keyboards. The youngest brother learned drums very young while the sister has great voice and plays keyboards well.
  11. I'm the only one among the siblings who can't play an instrument even after an attempt to self-study keyboards.
  12. Me and my girl cousins formed a girl band though, aka Spice Girls (the imitation version hehe).
  13. Around 15, I loved Ghost Fighter aka Yuyu Hakusho. The only other anime I've become addicted to other than Princess Sara and Cedie.
  14. I have a best friend whom I've known since grade 1 and been a close friend from 1st year high school.
  15. I never learned to commute or ride public transports until my first day in college.
  16. I shifted beliefs when I was in college and have been convicted to it since then.
  17. I love music, arts and literature, but I ended up with a career for numbers.
  18. My first job forced me to travel to different parts of Manila (other than home, school, office or church) and deal with various people, which are 2 of my weaknesses.
  19. I became the sassy girl that I am at 22 when I started to work (I had very long hair!)
  20. I love cats! I was never without one from when I was 7 until I was 27.
  21. The reason for having without cats, is my OC husband. I have met the OC husband from Friendster.
  22. His Frienster profile says he wanted to meet "My Sassy Girl" but when he met me, we had a series of "away-bati" (love-hate) relationship.
  23. We've been more than friends but less than lovers for 5 years in the internet world, before we finally met. He didn't meet me until he was sure I was in love haha.
  24. I have been there, done that, but was able to sprung back (huh?)
  25. I ceased to be the sassy girl or at least suppressed it when I gave birth to my first daughter. Not immediately after that, but gradually. ;)
  26. The first daughter inherited the sassy traits. The second daughter got the more sassy traits.
  27. People who didn't know me before thought how opposite I am with my daughters (they just didn't know).
  28. I love to read. But I prefer books over newspapers. I'm trying to instill this fond for reading to my 2 kids.
  29. I love my family, extended family, etc. I am not very showy about this but my affection could be really profound.
  30. I look introvert but once people get to know me, or become close to me, they discover my talent for humor and teasing (it runs in the family.)
So there! At first it was difficult to pick out the most "essential" trivia about me hehe so I just went on chronologically. Basically, it all boils down to 2 things: I am a living paradox and nobody knows me fully well except the One who created me and although my life is an open book, very few people would understand what's written on it. :)

Happy blogging to everyone!

PS: I'd like to say thank you to a fellow BC Blogger who introduced this group to me. You might not know it, but you did. Thanks Bee!

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Rainy Days and Craft Days

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This isn’t like the song by the Carpenters that goes “rainy days and Mondays always get me down” hehe. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because the recent rainy days got me inspired with craft-making.

The past weekend had been a rainy one. We woke up early Friday to discover that the constant pouring of rain has caused flash floods. So practically, we were confined inside the house. This is normal anyway, we don’t frequently go out except when there’s an errand to run, groceries to do, or when the kids are scheduled to go strolling but I don’t know, I felt restless the whole weekend. The husband told me it’s a nice weather to sleep in but I didn’t feel like taking naps with them either.

A tape applicator (source here)
So I made most of my time while the kids were taking their afternoon naps. Last Saturday, I took out their tiny alphabet mats and started taping them on the bedroom wall, a project that I have been planning to get done the moment I bought the mats. My hesitation in the beginning was due to fear that I might damage the paint but I later on discovered that taping is safe. The prolonged overdue was because of my usual procrastination. Fortunately, the mats were still complete although some of the letters were already missing. And mind you, it might look so simple to make but the double sided tape I used made everything difficult. The outside seal just won't get off. I suggest to anyone who would like to do the same to use a tape applicator. Things like this make life easier ;)
Sunday, the kids took their naps longer than usual which means longer hours for me too :) The stormy weather was really conducive to snoozing and crafting. I took out my very disorganized stash of beads and art materials and used the hours brainstorming on what to create. I have plenty of unused pins and clips. At first, I wanted to make a brooch and was able to make one actually, but I didn’t like it very much. It's a dragonfly but the husband said it's like a cross. Darn... It looked so childish and I don’t think I have the guts to use it until the husband suggested that I make clips for Demi. Great idea! It has been a while too when she stared mentioning to me with admiration about her older classmate who always wears pretty clips on her hair. I made little roses from ribbons and put on some pearls in the middle. And the outcome?  
The yellow and blue clips go very well with Demi's uniform. I'm overjoyed!

My very disorganized beads case :p

Although rainy days and craft days get together real well, I think I don’t need another stormy weather just to get myself up and work. :) Hopefully, I’d be able to make some more next time and probably, I'll include a tutorial post too for the other crafters at heart out there.
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A Tribute to Bob Ross

Saturday, July 21, 2012

First of all, I am making this post in participation to the Beautiful Blogger Award which was passed on to me by Addie, whose blog I equally love and constantly check out here. Thank you so much Addie! :)

Part of the participation is nominating 5 bloggers who I believe deserve this award. Tough! All the blogs in my list are deserving. But since I have already nominated a few on my previously received Liebster award, I'm choosing new ones for this one. And they are:

  1. Dilipnaidu - For never failing to share sensible and inspiring posts
  2. AC's Life is Beautiful. So Am I. - You are indeed a beautiful blogger literally. And I admire your humour ;)
  3. Nisha for Teeth That Sparkle - For her unforgettable blog and... well teeth hehe.
  4. Bee of Before I Turn 25 - For always giving me ideas on worthwhile things to do in life and last but definitely not the least
  5. Jeyna Grace - I love your fanfics and original write ups! :)

Second, I chose this subject because this was a part of my childhood, which memories I treasure and value as a beautiful and joyful part of my life. When I was in high school, I remember watching Bob Ross paint on cable TV and he deserves this tribute because although there were many great painters out there, he was the one who awakened the painter in me. As evidence of his inspiration, I gave away landscape paintings to my friends during that Xmas in 1994. Sadly, I wasn't able to keep one for myself. After that, his show was cancelled and I never watched him paint again.

Bob Ross was great in painting beautiful landscapes. Some of his breathtaking pieces are below.

Photo Source: A lovely summer landscape.
Photo Source: This one's a cozy winter scene.
Photo Source: This is particularly breath taking. It's like the real northern lights and not just picture at all.
Photo Source: Take particular note of the reflection in the body of water. So alive and real... :)
But what's so magical is the artist at work. He made it look like painting is a piece of cake. If you can't imagine what I mean, just watch this video.

Amazing isn't it? He just shared a wonderful skill to the amateurs who regarded this aspect of art as only for the professionals or novices who went schooling. 

For more than 10 years, I haven't watched any of his shows. Nor has he crossed my mind. Except that one night, while my kids were searching for cartoons, he accidentally popped in YouTube search and I instantly recognized him. He was such a happy part of my childhood days and now, the kids enjoy watching his paintings too. :)

I just learned though that he died in 1995 while battling the disease lymphoma which was the reason for the abrupt cancellation of his show in 1994. :(

By sharing this post, I hope that the beauty of his paintings would continue to live on and inspire the painters at heart out there.
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Update on Demi's Schooling

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Demi's finally wearing her school uniform! :) Well, this post is actually late by 2 weeks already hehe. She has started wearing one since the first week of July. I just wasn't able to update on it at once. Pardon me, but for a mom like me, it's a milestone. And I think Demi looks really pretty on her daily school uniform.

She looks lady-like in her blouse and skirt doesn't she? ;)
My excitement is besides the fact that she formally looks as a student. The other is, I'm running out of dresses for her to wear. Since we do not go out very frequently, I didn't notice that she's outgrowing most of her clothes. Her height increases that much, which compensates for her never growing some fat ever. Anyway, these were her fashionista days hehehe...

Isn't it obvious that this pictorial thing is becoming tiresome to her too? Hehe...

It must be a reflief to her too, because after the uniforms came, there were no more picture taking except when she first wore them hehe. Now she can pose more casually and voluntarily too with her sister when they're playing princess dress up. :)

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Driving Lessons Stress 1

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting a student license is stress no. 1
Did I say stress? I think I meant Step 1 haha. ;) I know I did include driving in my list of goals but now that I'm finally pursuing it, I can say that it must be really stressful from beginning to the moment that my husband and I would be driving at last.

One of the requirements to enrolling in a driving school is securing a student permit. Yesterday, I asked a half day leave from the office so that husband and I could fix things with the LTO at Antipolo, only to find out that it would take the whole day to get our darn student permits. It almost turned out drastic for both of us too. When we were nearing the registration booth, the assisting security guard said they're taking the last 6 persons (they have a daily quota of 50 for applicants of student permit) and guess what? We were the 7th and 8th persons in line! Inwardly, I was panicking but we didn't move. We stayed in line.

Luck, or destiny or providence, call it what you will but 1 of the applicants before us got rejected (lack of documents I think) while the other 1 was in the wrong line so we both got included in the quota. Whew! That was a close call. And to think that we were at the LTO as early as 830.

The series of next events weren't so smooth though. After we were given the registration forms, we had to fall in line again for the checking of documents. The person in charge was so particular about TIN but the husband didn't have any 'cause he never had local work here. He even suggested that he secure one first but that's from another place. I wanted to shout "HELLO! we're securing a permit NOW do you mean we have to go back just for that freaking TIN? Besides, that's the kind of hassle which is unreasonable considering that some applicants before us were allowed to proceed though they do not have TIN either (we later learned this). Seriously, some people could really get crazy about exercising their authority. After a few unpleasant encounters, they finally let husband proceed. I do not know why they gave the husband a hard time when I noticed that they were easy on me (maybe because I'm a girl and he's my husband hehe).

Most of the next procedures were spent on waiting. Sadly, I didn't bring anything to read with me so I was forced to watch "The Baker King's the big return" on TV. It wasn't so bad fortunately although I didn't expect that such a light titled series could start with a very dramatic beginning. We were called at about 30 minutes before lunch for the photo and signature taking. And then we had 1 hour lunch break.

Photo Source

There were no fastfoods nearby so we stuffed ourselves with "kwek-kwek" (a street food of flour coated quail eggs with orange food coloring) and softdrinks, which I think is the most decent food we can have there. Anyway, I like "kwek-kwek" but it can not give my stomach the heaviness which rice meals can. Such that when we reached home, I found my hands shaking unvoluntarily.

Right after the break, we were watching Pinoy Henyo and I was partly torn from watching this interesting game to listening for our names to be called. But paying and finally, releasing of the permits took another 1 and a half hour after lunch. I almost asked permission to shout with joy!

I do not want to seem so complaining but I noticed that most of the service systems here in our country could be so deffective. In our case yesterday, how do you explain 6 and a half hours transaction period when all we did was, fill out registration forms, have picture and signature taken, pay and then get the permit? There weren't too many people either, cause they have quota. Moreover, it's a rampant case that upon releasing the document, the applicants have to involuntarily buy plastic card cases, envelopes etc. for an unreasonably high price. *sigh* I just think it's so crooked.

Well, the things we have to undertake to get our goals... in this case driving. And that's just stress no. 1!
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A Day Out With The Kids

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today, we were scheduled to go to Makati where our agency is, for picture taking and of course, to settle our bills ;). We prepared very early, fed the kids with heavy breakfast because it was a long travel. Unfortunately, the husband took his time in the shower so were able to leave house only by 10am. Well, I believe it was his shower time which made us late but he denied so hehe.

There was moderate traffic so the travel was quite quick. Just about when the kids were starting to get uneasy just sitting still, the FX was making its turn to Ayala Avenue.
Daisy sightseeing from the back of the FX
We had the whole space at the back all to ourselves :)
It was a good thing, except that we missed the drop point before PBCom and ended up with an unanticipated walkathon with the kids. What's worst is that Daisy keeps complaining "padod Daisy" (pagod Daisy/I'm tired) and so husband had weights session apart from walkathon haha. An impromptu exercise indeed.
Walkathon with the kids at Ayala Avenue :)
Taking a rest along the sidewalks... Just a few more steps away from the agency. :)
So you could imagine the relief when we reached the agency. Specially the kids who were delighted with the iced teas and candies. Initially, I planned to have the kids give our gifts to ms. Triny (because of her admirable assistance to us. Thanks ms. Triny!) but upon seeing their reaction over a few candies, I dared not trust the toffees and chocolates into their hands haha. So I gave the gift instead. It was the last thing I did, after the paying, picture taking, little chatting and off we went. (Too bad, I remembered to bring the camera but not to request to take a picture from it so I'll post the picture after they send me a copy.)

One of the plans was to take the kids to Glorietta but thinking that it would be a long walk again from the agency to Glorietta and from Glorietta to the bus ride, we got discouraged. Ayala Avenue, Makati is definitely not for commuters hehe. We decided to go to Megamall instead. It was past 1pm so we head over to food court at once. Not only because our stomachs were churning but because our calf muscles and biceps needed to rest too.

Every time we go out, there comes this certain point when I wish I never got this idea of taking them out. Usually, it's after we feed them and they're full. They would nag us to go ahead and walk around again when we were just starting to eat our lunch! I say to my husband they're so unfair, we shouldn't stuff them until we ourselves are full hehe. This idea didn't strike me the first time either.

After eating our lunch hurriedly, we took them to the bookstore and bought them clay just as I had promised Demi. By this time, Daisy was getting real cranky so I declared it was sleep time.

Also, it's this certain point when I start to regret taking them out. It's when they start to get sleepy and cranky but wouldn't sleep. Like a while ago, I was straddling Daisy by my waist but she refuses to let herself sleep. That ton of weight over my feeble structure made me desperate. I sadly looked across me to where Hulk stands in front of the Toy Kingdom store and silently wished "if only for that moment I had his muscles."

When it looked like both girls don't plan to sleep, I said it's time to settle our businesses. The sooner the better so we could get home. On the list was to buy a charger for our Samsung phone but when the cost was P680 (!!?!) I hesitated. I don't know what hit me. Although it was my plan to get another wifi phone so that the kids wouldn't quarrel over their preferred YouTube videos, it wouldn't be until September perhaps when the deferred payments on the sofa and washing machine would finish.

But I asked husband anyway, to check on the Corby II phone I was prying about. It's cheap and the reviews were positive but the PLUS was it has the same charger with our current phone. Hurray! So we ended up getting a phone instead.

I don't know if my genes are going crazy but I felt like I just betrayed my "frugal" personality. Justifying things though, I was able to save P680 too. Besides it's on deferred payment scheme so the agony is a bit light but prolonged. But I have to admit, I'm liking Corby II better than Wave. The screen seems wider, which could be good for reading e-books. And Demi liked watching YouTube better with Corby II. No more fights. :)

So dropping the guilt trip, I think I'll suggest this to little brother (calling Johnfer! CorbyII is really great!) If he agrees (instead of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy which he wants), then I'll buy him one sooner, by December maybe although he'll still have to make his promise of showing me huiperfect quizzes. That could save me a lot! Haha!
Calling little brother! Eto na lang pabili mo saken ;) hehe...

Finally, we were home by 5. I can't really explain the relief. Right during these moments when we reach home very tired, I begin taking back the negative feelings I felt during the most trying times when taking the kids out. Seeing them stripped off except for the diapers/underwear, playing with their new toys or just recalling the things they did that made them happy during the day, I realize that I will always love the idea of taking them out again, stress, muscle pain, depression, exhaustion and all... :)
Demi's clay creations (with help from mommy)
Daisy's colorful octopus (she mixed all her clays together) which life existence is but a matter of minutes

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My Life In An Overview

Thursday, July 12, 2012

After the excitement caused by the fulfillment of one of my greatest dreams, it's time to put my feet back on the ground and face normal life again. We don't plan to leave until next year, January or February. There's so much to take care of, money being the greatest concern perhaps? Hehe. It's still 6 months away, there's school and work to continue and plenty of planning and writing (because I plan to leave letters to each people who are dear to me). I want everything to be as smooth as possible, to spend time as much as possible, and leave everything else to God. So I think we all need to live this 6 months as normal as it can be, setting aside first that in a matter of months, we'd be miles and miles away from our families. It's depressing at the same time.

But that's the roller coaster ride that's called life. Looking back, I had been through so many sharp turns and had worked my way through the most difficult obstacles. After that, I remembered being taught to value life better.

Just recently I stumbled upon the list of things I'd like to do in 1,001 days (about 3 years). I believe I wrote it down sometime in 2008 and was glad that I was able to achieve 2 out 13 hehe. It wasn't quite a list, you see, just 13, but the thing is, they were long term goals. Anyway, here's the list. I'm sharing them as honestly as I can haha:

  1. Scrapbooking for Demi (now there's Daisy too!)
  2. Learn how to drive
  3. Save and create slides of digital pictures (which continue to grow now so I'm doomed)
  4. Clothes-giving project - partially achieved
  5. Application of migration to Australia - done or should I say, GRANTED! :D
  6. Arrange bedroom (pertains to bedroom in my parents' house so...)
  7. Wash own clothes (sheepish smile here)
  8. Demi's change of name - done too :)
  9. Book bind our correspondence (our love story accounted in emails)
  10. Learn another language
  11. Learn how to cartwheel
  12. Learn a musical instrument
  13. Learn baking

I think with the great turnover in my life, I'll be updating this list soon minus the deadline. It will become a list of things to do throughout my lifetime (as long as God permits me to live that is). I think I need to include some career development here, although I have been denying this goal in the past because I was more keen with the extra-curricular activities, or maybe because of fear (ok I admit it, fear).
And, it feels good to know that because we could finally settle down, planning for our own simple house would be an experience I'll enjoy. I have always wanted a library or an office den. I'd like to have a library so that when my sister visits over, I'd have a place where she could stay hahaha.

It could be like this bright den (Photo source)

Or this cozy one (Photo Source)

And it can't hurt to be a little more ambitious haha! (Photo Source)
Back then I also wanted a playroom, but the kids have grown up so maybe a recreation room would do. I'd put the fiction books inside the recreation room because I prefer reading over watching hehe.

A small recreation room like this would do. Take note of the books! (Photo Source)

Or this where we could huddle together every weekend nights (Photo Source)
Or maybe we could include a small garden in the yard because Nilo wants to, but he's gonna take care of the insects, I'm all eeky about that.
A small garden like this would do perhaps... (Photo Source)

Or just a few greens on the front yard (Photo Source)

Planning a home is just one of the things I'm looking forward to. There's much more I know, opportunities and struggles alike. Dreams not just for me, for the husband and for the kids, but for the family we'll be leaving behind... I hope someday, there'd be a way to reunite.

And all these may be in God's will...
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My Wish Finally Granted!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thanks be to God. That's the first and foremost thing I can say. After so many years, I'm finally granted my wish and I can hardly breathe as I'm writing this post.

All the hoping, and waiting, finally over. And the answer was YES! Thank you very much God. I remember saying that I can't say we were halfway through our dreams. And the truth was, I was skeptical the whole time. I knew there would have to be 2 answers to this waiting so I didn't want to be so hopeful.

Now the flower has bloomed the instant I was told that our VISA was granted!

Once again, thank God... My prayer is that we walk under Your guidance for the next phase of our lives which You had granted us...

My heart is overwhelming with so much gratitude.

Another successful feat for Respall. Thanks and congratulations! ^-^ (with ms. Triny, our attending documentation specialist when the VISA was granted.)

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Fetish for Feline

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's been a long time since I've last felt the soft fur of my favorite animal... Cats! Ever since I was 8 or 7, I was never without a pet cat. Most of them were just stray cats who accidentally came to our house who never left once they felt the loving care from us, well, me in particular. But I had to give them up when I left my parents' house.

Last time we visited over, I almost drooled over watching Olie's cats do their way to seek attention. I was dying to touch them but I can't with my husband looking at me. I'll never hear the end of it because he says those cats were unclean hehe. But one night, I expressed my undying love for the cats and said my future plans to have one. I can see the kids have this passion for pets too. But that's a long time away, probably when the kids are a lot older and has sense of responsibility to help me raise the cat. Right now that my hands are itching to touch them, I told my husband I'd visit over to my sister one of these days all on my own haha. He knew what I was thinking but perhaps he's doubting my seriousness. What he doesn't know is, when I express something in a light manner, it means I already have a plan. The moment opportunity comes, there's no hesitation, I'll grab it hehehe.

Meanwhile, I'll just have to look at them to satisfy my yearning...
I miss those look of narrowed eyes...

Those were my hands cradling the animal... I miss touching the soft fur!
One loveable thing about cats is their naughtiness. This one's trying to get in after mom takes them outside the house hehe. Lucky for him, it's me or my sister who saw him hehe.
This is Harry. Not Potter though, but Houdini because he had this great ability at escaping when he was just a kitten.
These cats have the liberty to relax in the bedroom of my parents' house. How lucky can they get? :)
The preggy cat had just added up 3 to my sister's new pets. I'm so jealous...
Photos courtesy of dear little sister who loves cats just as much as I do... :)
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