Friday, June 8, 2012

Father’s Day Celebration

There is a common saying that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So what better way to make our daddies happy than food! If you’re lucky enough, you might be a good chef so you could prepare the food on your own. Otherwise, you may just buy from your favorite restaurants. I myself have been thinking of what to cook for my husband, my father, and my father-in-law.

Here’s a list of food choices I have that are quite affordable and/or easy to make:

Let’s face it. Cakes are common but timeless. Who could resist a delectable cake? So it’s on top of the list. Easy, affordable, classic. Just make sure daddy’s not diabetic or he won’t be enjoying this food much.

Tuna Pasta
Pastas are the next most common food served on the table. Since dad doesn’t like spaghetti with meatballs, tuna pasta is the best alternative. The choice of pasta is yours, but I think the most recommendable are penne or fettuccine. Just mix the canned tuna with the pasta, season with salt and shredded cheese then add bits of broccoli. You may also add tomato as in the picture but I haven’t tried that one yet so I’m not sure how it would taste like.

Buko Pandan

I have tried this recipe once and discovered it was quite easy. Maybe now is the perfect time to make this again. Besides, this dessert is well loved in our household so this might just make everyone happy, not only daddy. :)

Grilled Tilapia
For a time, my husband has been craving for grilled tilapia. Once I tell him that I’m planning to cook this for father's day, it would definitely make his day. But this is difficult to make, especially cleaning the fish, but I guess you could ask the market vendor to do that for you. Stuffing the fish stomach with tomato and onion cubes may be a bit arduous also so I might let my husband do that too haha.

I think I’ll go for the cake if we visit over to my father-in-law’s house. Then maybe the fish or tuna pasta (whichever is available) at daddy’s house. I’ll be getting plenty of help in preparing the food there so I don’t have to worry hehe. Probably, I’ll make the buko pandan at home for my husband. Anyway, he’ll get to eat the food at Tatay’s and Daddy’s celebration so in a way, it’s a triple celebration for him. He deserves it. after all, he’s the best daddy/husband in the whole world (he has to be or esle...). ;)

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  1. I also love stuffed tilapia. But just the same, don't assign me to do any preparation. I'm a total failure :D

  2. Wow the cake looks great but the Grilled Tilapia is so tempting and yummy :) Enjoy.

  3. In India its Fathers Day today :) Good wishes to you and your family for Fathers Day :)

    1. Yes, you are included in this father's day greeting Dilip! :) Although I have no idea yet if you're one hehe.

      Thanks for the well wishes!


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