Monday, June 18, 2012

Demi's First Day

So this is it! I'm finally letting my baby learn on her own. I took a leave from the office to send her off to school. Well, practically all of us, Daddy, me and Daisy sent her off this morning. I'm so proud of my baby! She didn't show any signs of anxiety, just pure excitement. And when Teacher told them to say goodbye to us, I hesitantly obeyed hehe. Daisy was so sweet kissing her big sister before she left. It was her who almost cried when we left saying "iwan ate Demi." Hehe. It's such a joy to see them like that.

I am so excited myself. I can't believe I'm sending someone off to school. Am I really that old? It seemed like but a FEW years ago when I myself had been attending school. *sigh* it's so nostalgic. Anyway, when we left, I told my husband that I wanted to stay outside the gate and peek hehe. The last thing I saw was Teacher asking them to all stand up. I wanted to know what they're going to do. But my husband told me I'd just be a nuisance to Teacher and a sure distraction to Demi and the other kids. Oh alright. Anyway, here are some of our pics on the way to school.

On the way to school...
On the way back home, we passed by tita Rizza's office. She says she'll come with us when we pick Demi up later.
Daisy is interested with the dead frog on the street hehehe...
Taho for breakfast! :D
Daisy momentarily forgot her miseries about leaving ate Demi behind with a cup of taho :D
A funny thing happened. Just when we were about to pay, Gyun Woo remembered that he left his purse at home. We didn't want to look like we were playing drama with Manong Magtataho (for Php10 taho!!! goodness gracious). Luckily, we haven't gone far from ate Rizza's office. Now we owe her one haha.

And what do you know? It's 5 minutes before picking Demi up again. So I've got to end this post and see what's Demi been up to on her first day of classes! Yehey!


  1. Aaaaawwww... whole family din kami when we took Andrea to her first day of school :) AndI can totally relate about wanting to know every single thing she does in school. So much so that I almost considered home schooling her (I said "almost"... haha, I know hindi kaya given that I am working full-time).

    1. I don't think I could homeschool, but I'm considering to become a housewife hehehe... Just so I could always walk them to school. I wanted to compare how it is today as back then :)

  2. When you said that you can't believe that you are already sending someone to school... my panic button light up on its own LOL

    Milestone 'to ha, document it and surely Demi will appreciate this, years after... time flies so fast, pagising mo high school na sila :D and that makes me feel oh so old na tlaga!

    1. Parang last year kasi, I was still feeling the jitters as if I'm going to school again. This year I found myself preparing for classes but not for me hehe. It's an odd feeling.

      I don't know for how long I'd get over the excitement. Before I left for office this morning, I told my husband to remember taking her picture. And yesterday, she called the very good stamp on her hand as "tato." hahaha!

  3. Hye, 29 isn't too old. In fact, you're too young to be a mommy sending off a kid to a regular school. Hehehe. :D

    1. Good point. I guess I just didn't imagine myself at this age before. I thought I'd be stuck at maybe 15 or 22... hehe. That's why I felt odd sending Demi off to school. Well, that's the paradox that I am. ;)


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