Thursday, May 31, 2012

Accomplishment Check

At the start of the year, I wrote a blog about my determination to become a more pro-active person. You see, I am a very laid back type of person and my worst weakness is procrastinating. So I’m really trying my best to overcome this shortcoming.

Anyway, it’s almost halfway towards the end of the year again. Really, I still don’t understand why the days seem to fly with tremendous speed yet the day-to-day experience doesn’t seem rushed at all (except on super busy days, like FS days, when I usually lose track of time.) So what were the extra-curricular activities I managed to squeeze in between my work-family life?

·          Read and write reviews about the ff. books:

1.    Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (hilarious)

2.    Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech (highly recommended for YAs!)

3.    Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George

4.    Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (addictive)

5.    Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (less addictive)

6.    Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins (Peeta helped me read this through)

7.    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling (it’s HP, need I say more?)

·         Currently in on-and-off mode with craft making.

1.    At the beginning of the year, I tried making little roses from ribbons. I was thinking about using them in hair clips and brooches but they’re unused as of now.

2.    I tried crocheting too. I was able to make one handbag using a pattern from the internet but the handle and ribbon is pending. This is how the bag looks like:
Source file

I’m planning to use silver chains for the handle and white ribbon for the design. However, I have not been to my favorite store in Quiapo (it’s called Wellmanson, they sell chains and lots and lots of beads!) for ages, so the handle and ribbon have to wait.

3.    Next, I tried a business venture on selling wrist watches with bead straps. Early in January, some friends (Candy, Bes, and Diane) and I were probing for the potentiality of a craft venture. Sad to say, 2 of my friends, Bes and Candy, who were both in the field of urban research, had become very busy so there was no way to meet up during weekends anymore.

This opportunity introduced me to Wellmanson though and I’m very thankful to my friends. Although the business did not prosper, it was a wonderful experience.

Anyway, I discovered this passion for bead watches (thanks Bes!) and at first, it became a hit with my niece’s friends and some of my colleagues at the office. I was able to sell some but had to stop because I eventually doubted the durability of my pieces plus, there was not enough time to keep up with this activity. But here are some of my designs:

This is a 3-strand watch with stretchable bands. This is my first ever DIY watch.

This is a charm bracelet using the P-loop wire style. Under the sea was inspired by my daughter who loves fishes and little mermaid. :)

The black pearls finished the night time effect of the charms, thus goodnight watch hehe.

This is trying out the interlooping technique. Rose bloom because it looks like pink roses with light green leaves at the sides. :)

                         Except for Under the Sea, all designs had been sold. ;)

·         Home management

1.  Before our house helper left, the laundry and folding of the clothes were her job. After that, it was the washing machine’s job to do the laundry, my husband’s job to hang them at the rooftop (I don’t like going there, I have fear of heights!), and my job to fold them (extra-job).

2.    More frequent trips to the mall with the kids. My little girls are so restless that taking them out is an exhausting task. But because this makes them happy, I ignored this discomfort and took them out more often.

3.    I was able to mend a few of my clothes, specifically my office skirt’s hemming and my dress' pocket which stitches was torn at one side. I have to admit. I lag behind this aspect of my extra-curricular activities. Could I rather just share what’s still pending on my list?

2 of my skirts need sewing of the buttons
3 blouses need replacement of all buttons (7 each blouse!). Actually, only one button’s missing for each blouse but the buttons are so one-of-a-kind that I doubt I’ll find a replacement. :(
1 blouse calls for a re-designing. It’s sleeveless so I don’t wear it without a blazer. So the frills at the side are useless. I’m deciding about taking them out and then making a brooch from these frills instead.

So that’s about it. It’s not so much I guess. I realized that after HP, I suddenly stopped with the reading for no reason at all. Gotta catch up on that. You see, this list is a good way to show me which areas I still need improvement with and that area… is… ALL! Haha. Anyway, I’m not really after a quota or something. I think that as long as I’m doing something worthwhile with my time, then I’m not really idle.

It’s still 7 months to go, God willing. I hope that I’d have more valuable activities up my sleeve for the rest of the days to come. :)


  1. Keri pa yan :D go for the second half of the year!!! I never knew that you made those beaded watches pala.

    1. Thanks! Ilang beses akong nagdebate about sharing the watches with the 3 of you. Actually excited ako but I got shy about sharing it... yet. Wala nga kong posts about it eh hahaha. Nakakahiya kasi talaga. Some of the bracelets were falling apart. Buti na lang, close friends naman yung bumili. I was able to refix the watches for them hehehe.

      I still have a lot to learn with the craft particularly on the durability. Hopefully, I can return to Wellmanson one of these days (may helper na kami by tomorrow hopefully :D) If you're still interested with the venture, just pm me. Baka pwede pang ituloy hehehe...

    2. I'm always willing to help Jenn. Yun lang, I can't fully commit with the notepads this time. But you can always count on me naman :)You can assign me with a specific task to do.


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