Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Since I will no longer be able to access my blog until next year, I’d have to post this farewell to the outcoming year 2 days earlier. This is my 40th post too, so it’s quite a fulfillment on my part as well to post this now than later.

Another year is passing and though it’s cliché, I can’t help saying “how time flies!” I’m a year more older, more mature, stronger and wiser and though the days of 2011 are not of equal contribution to my growth, for most days may have passed unnoticed and forgotten while the other days were more memorable than the rest, I am most thankful to God for giving me each day of the year under his protection, guidance, love and consideration. I know I’ve been considerably disobedient and I’m constantly sorry about that but still, I have witnessed His works in my everyday living.

The highlight of all the marvelous presence of God in my life this year, is the hope given me about a dream I’ve always wanted. Then there’s the turnover in my family’s status in faith, which had been most hurtful for me for most of the year’s part. I know the situation’s still not thoroughly turned about but I’m letting it all rest in God’s hands. Before the year ends, there’s hope given me, again.

Then there were the happy moments with the kids and my husband, the Company outing where I took the kids for the first time, their swimming party, our escapades to the Rainforest Park, and our anniversary celebration. My own adventures with Bes such as the occasional food trips and shopping sprees. My firsts at cooking, body massages, etc. And I could never forget to thank Him for the random acts of kindness I’ve experienced through the people I encounter everyday especially the Sheep, which definitely triggered my inner soft spots, as well as the gifts, both during my birthday and the holidays.

Such a wonderful and fulfilled year 2011 was indeed. Thanks to God for His constant protection over my loved ones, most especially my kids who have grown in love for another year…
[caption id="attachment_654" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="My growing babies..."][/caption]

Happy holidays everyone! It might be sweet sorrow to say goodbye to 2011 but with the belief that God will be lending me more days to grow more in love and faith, I’m saying thank you in advance. In everything that I shall be looking forward to in 2012, may Your will be done. :)
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What I Got For Xmas

First of all, I don’t really feel comfortable saying Christmas to refer to the holidays because of my conviction that the celebration did not really originate from the birth of Jesus Christ as in my earlier belief. Nevertheless, I do not intend to argue about this conviction with non-believers either. I just felt it shorter and finer to use “xmas” in the title so pardon my usage of the acronym. Finally, I am neither against “xmas” as I have previously mentioned and constantly explained to other people. In fact, I regard the whole month of December as festive due to the celebration because I, myself, have always been a beneficiary to the benevolent nature that everyone acquires during this season, from gifts, to 13th month and bonuses and of course, vacation! End of intro.

For this year’s holidays, I’ve got a handful of gifts from friends, co-workers and families. Various gifts that were equally delightful to me, consumable, useful or decorative they may be.

But the best gift I received was of bias choice of course (please forgive my impartiality). But the best gift I received in my opinion were from my husband and kids. These were Lock & Lock lunch boxes, which were larger than the one I currently own, with chocolate treats inside that made the gift sweeter and Sophie Kinsella’s the Twenties Girl!

The first one, Nilo knew what I needed. He had always been feeding me more than I can normally consume to fatten me up hehe. While the second one, Nilo knew what I wanted. He knows I love to read but he’s clueless of which book. Since I’ve been reading good reviews about this one, I made it a point to give emphasis to it, and though I hinted what I wanted to receive, I was honestly surprised when he’d actually made it real hehe.

Until my next year’s blog then, most probably a review about the Twenties Girl. ;)
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A Bright Holiday

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For people like me, whose joys in life depend on very petty things, such as bright lights, free tours and free entrance (hehe), the Meralco Park is definitely a nice place to try. Despite just recovering from a 2-day upset stomach, I mustered up all strength and discipline and mind power to heal myself and be able to take the family to this enchanting bright place last night. I heard their keeping the place up to the last day of this year only, so for all those who'd want to see it, better hurry. :)

It was worth it! The moment we entered the Meralco center gate, lights of various colors already covered the ceiling of the pathway. The kids were really amazed it was so fun to watch them. Various huge icons of houses, people, robots, etc, made of bronze or copper wires, I think, were positioned about the grounds for picture taking. Well, that’s mostly the fun you could get from the attraction really, to take pictures and memories.

Not to mention the experience to ride the electronic jeep too, which was what we did next. We lined up and waited patiently for our turns except for Daisy who can’t keep still at one place just like her daddy.

[caption id="attachment_637" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Riding the electronic jeep"][/caption]

And though the park was quite small, we spent hours and enjoyed every minute of it. That’s because the kids kept running to and fro every ornamental houses lined by xmas lights.

As if our energies were unlimited, we planned to head next to Greenhills to check out their lights attraction too. However, the clouds warned of rain so we all headed home instead. Sure enough, it started to drizzle when we reached home. We were all exhausted after all, nevertheless, happy.

Thank God for a wonderful and bright holiday. :)
[caption id="attachment_658" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Meralco: "Maliwanag ang Pasko""][/caption]
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'Tis the Season to be Shopping

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December’s here again. What a more fitting time to shop! I’m not a fan of shopping or “spending,” in fact I’m a frugal person. But ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed giving gifts to my friends and families. No matter how small or inexpensive my gifts were, I’d always wrapped them beautifully such that whoever may be the recipient will be delighted. Well, anyway, perhaps because I can’t get gift-giving out of my system, I’m practically probing around malls and bazaars to look for gifts and there’s one particular place on my mind, the Ynares Bazaar!

Last Saturday night, after the kids had gone to bed, Nilo and I went to Antipolo Ynares Stadium where the annual bazaar was being held. I’ve never been there before but I know what bazaars are like. Usually a variety of items are sold for very low prices, DVDs, dresses, purses, gift items, etc. But I’ve never tried the Ynares bazaar before so I was really excited.

Unfortunately, our night didn’t turn out very happy as I expected. For one thing, the weekend had been rainy so it wasn’t really comforting to walk around the place. It was muddy everywhere. I noticed that Nilo wasn’t so excited. He barely got close to any stalls at all. Unless I pointed out something, he wouldn’t take notice. We spotted an Elmo’s world DVD though and decided to buy it immediately for the kids. Afterwards, we casually walked about until we reached the end where the food stands were. We ate only a little because we’ve just had dinner and then we walked our way back to the stores again. I figured, perhaps he’d be more interested this time.

But he still wasn’t, I sensed. Maybe because Nilo is naturally a patronizer of branded products. Bazaar items are generally new, but usually they’re fake that’s why they’re cheaper. However, the items they sold at the bazaar, we noticed, were relatively quite expensive. Maybe these were the real reasons on my frustration but I had to voice out that I dislike his disinterest and so we ended the adventure with hurt feelings. We decided to go home. I myself lost interest in looking around.

At home, we spent the night arguing and defending ourselves. Usually, our arguments get lengthy because I wouldn’t admit my mistake. But since I did not want to sleep angry, besides, I was getting sleepy so I can’t keep my stubbornness any longer, I offered my peace. It’s really funny to think that I got angry because I wasn’t able to spend. More likely, I’d be mad because too much money had been spent. I realized now, it was my frustration on the place that caused my bad temper and Nilo was just my victim, again (hehe).

The next day, I barely recalled the incident except for one thing that happened. In the afternoon, while the kids were napping, Nilo and I decided to take a look at the apartment where we planned to move. It was just walking distance. On the way, we passed by a Snoopy Bodega Sale! Of course, we went in and guess what luck! We found 4 pieces of clothing for Demi and Daisy which were fairly flawless for only Php500! What we have saved from last night, we spent on something more worthwhile. I observed too, that Nilo wasn’t really boring as a shopping company. It just depends on the items, after all, Snoopy was branded hehe.

That concludes my shopping adventure, for the moment. Truly, what seems like tragic endings may later turn up being blessings in disguise. Besides, all’s well that ends well. If it’s not well, then probably it’s not the end. Hehehe… It’s really not necessary to be profound in this experience. Bottom line is, if you don’t find something good in one shopping, try another shopping place. Most likely, you’ll have good finds in bazaars and sales after all ‘tis the season to be shopping. Happy thrift-shopping to everyone!
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NBS, My Life Saver!

Monday, December 12, 2011

As much as I prefer to give gifts that have personal touch, I discovered that I have to give up on this ideal. In my previous post, I said I’ve found the perfect DIY xmas gift, but then I discovered, besides being fitting only for girls, it required much time than I thought. I was able to make 15 but that was all.

With the hustles and bustles between juggling official and personal occupation, plus the fact that we are in the process of new residence hunting, I’m afraid I’ll have to modify my mission on DIY gifts. I have to admit, I overdid my gift-giving this year to make up for the last. The previous year was quite a tight one. We’ve just moved house back then so I had to be extra thrifty. It was our first time on our own dwelling and the money had to go to furnishings. So now I’m playing Santa for at least 90 people and without elves to help me (my husband is willing to help but his flesh is weak on arts, hehe) gift making will take forever.

So far, I have only 20 gifts less to worry about. For the past few days, I’ve been brainstorming about ideas but to no extent. I was becoming helpless already so I decided that a little canvassing would help. I asked permission from Nilo to let me browse National Bookstore (NBS) last Sunday and although he’d let me for a longer time, I promised it would only take 45 minutes or so (hehe). It was weekend after all, family time. Fortunately, I followed this instinct and found answers! Thanks to NBS, it never fails to please me. :)

While browsing hastily around the store, I have found these cute little wooden key chains with inspirational messages and immediately hoarded 20 of them for my co-office. They’re perfect for close friends or acquaintances, male or female. For the bosses however, I found the hallmark datebooks more suitable. I was on the verge of tears when there were only 4 datebooks left on the ribbon counter. The saleslady told me though, to check on other counters, which was what I did, and was able to hoard 10.

Since I was at the store already, I decided I might as well think about which materials could be used to wrap the tiny gifts. Tiny self-made envelopes seemed like a good idea plus it will give me the opportunity to add some personal touch on the gifts. The perfect materials? Parchment papers and glitter strings. I felt happy having accomplished my task well plus there’s still ample time. I looked around some more and found another perfect gift for Demi, art and drawing materials in a pink case! She’s a lover of arts like me, and this gift was her personal request. Since it was the last stock, I decided that I’d rather not postpone it for later. I didn’t bring enough cash but there’s credit card. Another life saver. :)

Finally before leaving the store, I confirmed my loyalty to NBS by availing the Laking National Card. In a month, I’d be able to proudly present my card at every purchase and gain benefits. Not that I’m asking for more. I’d say, NBS helped me a great deal this time around… again. :)
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